Speaking at BlogHer 06

It’s official that I will be speaking at BlogHer this summer in San Jose about Blogging and Katrina! See Day 2 of the schedule for more information on the talk. After I sync-up with Grace and Dina (hi y’all!), I’ll start posting what I want to talk about and see where the interest lies, like I did with this post. I don’t want to limit the discussion to just my blog, but I’m interested in other Waveland-related blogs, like how the BWYC used a blog to keep in touch with everyone. There are some others that I will list here.

More to come!

Comments (4)

  1. Moti says:


    There is a gread vodka that is made in san jose, you should try it:)

  2. pranavwagh says:

    Hey Sara,

    Thanks very much(and sorry..) …i borrowed ideas(and scripts ) from your page to give a new look to my blog..


  3. sabrina says:

    hey sara! i just wanted to say Happy Easter and i hope all is well!easter was a little different this year being that uncle louis’ bbq pit got destroyed but we still had bbq…..and boiled crawfish. we just got the new windows in and we have gotten alot done with the house. this weekend we are going to natchez for the regionals track meet-samantha got 4th in district disc and i got 3rd in district 100m hurdles. when is the next time that you are coming to waveland? well talk to you later.

    sabrina bradford

  4. GraceD says:

    Sara, it will be an honor and pleasure to meet you.   I am humbled to be your co-panelist and I promise I will not be a total microphone hog (my kid’s assessment after watching me speak in public).

    Are you all set for a place to stay?  If not, come stay at Chez Grace! We have lots of room and a Jack Russell Terrier to show you around!

    Bravo to you for your excellent relief work.

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