V for a Very good Vendetta

Note: this post probably contains some spoilers, despite my best efforts to be vague, so read at your own risk.)

Wow, I was surprised by how good this movie was.  I had no expectations going into the movie, having neither read a review / plot line nor the comic books.  Now i can’t wait for it to come out on DVD.  It’s definitely worth watching, especially if you enjoy psychological movies similar to the Silence of the Lambs.  And for those of you like me trying to figure out where you have heard V’s voice before, just think “Mr. Anderson”, and you got it.

I really enjoyed some of the minor themes the movie explored, including coincidence, justice versus revenge, and teacher / student relationships (similar to Kill Bill and Batman Begins).  They really did a good job with the no such thing as coincidence, as I’m one of those people who will go watch the movie another 2–3 times just to catch all of the things i missed the first time.  How many times did you see a rose in the movie? 

It’s also worth watching a movie where the main character wears a mask the entire time.  It’s interesting how you can still pick up on emotions through body language and voice without ever seeing a facial expression or seeing the character’s eyes.

My favorite part (besides the every other word starting with a ‘v’ speech) was the scene with the old lady in the bedroom (again, trying to be purposefully vague).  It really makes you think about the differences between justice and revenge.

Anyways, i think i caught one continuity error that hasn’t been listed yet at IMDB.  While the chancellor is talking for the first time to his top officials, the color of his bottom teeth change from a old, dirty color to a “i just used some Crest Whitestrips” back to a old, dirty color.  And it definitely wasn’t the lighting.  Drove me crazy.  Did anyone else catch that? 

And lastly, as i’ll have to wait for the DVD to come out to check, does Hugo Weaving (V) appear without the mask in the final scene?  I was looking for him, but it went too fast.

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  1. James says:

    You didn’t find the plot about the V guy a bit confused? Was he a cure, a victim, a weapon? Did he have super powers? What?

    You didn’t find the monologues, especially the one sponsored by the letter V, a bit silly? Why do the Wachowski brothers do that – the Matrix did the same thing. I was amused by the way Evie began to nod off, though.

    You didn’t find Natalie Portman’s accent really annoying?

    Argh. I hated the film.

  2. saraford says:

    That’s what i liked about the film – it’s up to you to fill in the blanks with several red herrings to avoid.  I also enjoyed finding out how many words in the english language begin with a ‘v’.   It was used to setup one of the best lines in the movie "are you like a crazy person?"

    I’m the last person in the world to make judgments about other people’s accents, given mine goes in and out all the time.  =)

  3. Founder says:

    I haven’t been to a movie where so many people sat still after the credits rolled. In both sessions I saw people clapped at the end, and in Australia no one claps at movies.

    Hugo weaving was excellent as always, Natalie’s performance was the best of her career.

    The story was relevant 20 years ago when it was written (during Thatcher’s time), it’s especially relevant today.

    I have heard that a lot of Americans didn’t like it as they saw it as an attack on American policies. If America’s government is like the government in V, then there is something very wrong with America.

    On the way out of the movie, I heard a few people talking in hushed tones about the whole freedom fighting / terrorism angle of the movie, and a couple of people saying "don’t say things like that out loud". Has Self-Censorship gotten so bad we can’t even have a discussion about a movie if it contains the word terrorist?

  4. SAR says:

    I know Im a bit late, but I couldnt help but put something into this.

    I live in the middle of California, USA, and no, America’s government is not really like that. There are several similarities, however, which the film was undoubtedly commenting upon.

    Say, for example, our "Fearless Leader’s" showboating with religion. Or that he was re-elected to power because the people were terrified. Or that he gained more power than any one person or branch of government should ever have over one nation. Well, Bush hasn’t done that one. At least not yet.

    And self-censorship isn’t at all a problem anywhere around where I live. In fact, it’s basically in vogue to hate Bush, so much so that some people hate him without knowing why, which is just as stupid as voting for the man.

    Personally, I loved every minute of the movie. Political, without being boring, action packed, without going over the top, and just really damn cool.

    Great flick.

    Is the comic as good though?

  5. Josh says:

    OMG!!! I didn’t really know what this movie was going to be about but V for Vendetta has to be the best movie I’ve ever seen!  It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  And to find out that the guy under the mask was the same guy who played agent smith in the matrix has made me completely change my opinion about him.  It had everything i wanted… Suspense, Action, Drama, Great Monologues, Blood, More Action, Thought provoking scenes and did i mention action! 10 stars out of 5!!

  6. Lutra Argentum says:

    I’ll bite. Who is Mr. Anderson?

  7. saraford says:

    The actor who plays V is the same actor who played Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogies, who always said "Mr. Anderson" with such gravitas.

  8. Darus says:


    great movie few things that i found annoyin about it but i still defanatly buying the movie and i want the comic book

  9. Hannah Kelley says:

    Wow that must be a great movie!

  10. Goodkindofconfused says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, understood it all the way through, except for one thing. Wht is the significance of all those victims being alive. THis is right at the end, when everyone takes of their masks, and the people who were black bagged are alive. Wht does this mean?

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