My worst nightmare almost realized: Waveland appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

After the NBC Nightly News segment featured my parents, I watched The Daily Show religiously for 2 weeks afterwards, not because I’m not already an addict, but to hope and pray my parents / family wouldn’t appear in the background.  Then, last week, it nearly happened.  I think the Daily Show just wanted to pick on Anderson Cooper, so they showed the segment of him getting emotional while watching a family return to their Waveland beach-front property.  Honestly, the first time I saw the clip, I thought it was a little over-the-top.  But after I got down there, and I met someone who was seeing their property for the first time, I totally understood where Anderson Cooper was coming from.

Thank you Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor, for not getting emotional while interviewing my parents about the hurricane, in order to avoid my family appearing on The Daily Show.  Wow, that’s a sentence I never thought I could ever say.

Tonight on Larry King Live, they interviewed Jon Stewart, who didn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at Anderson Cooper “getting emotional”, who in return had a very good comeback (even if rehearsed).  Jon Stewart immediately did a 180 and changed to tone to “have those people received their trailers yet in St. Bernard Parish?”  (LA doesn’t have counties, they have parishes.)    Anderson Cooper said no, they were still in Arkansas.  At least they are still being civil to each other.  =)

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  1. Shog9 says:

    Speaking as someone who doesn’t have any personal attachment to the events surrounding Katrina, Anderson Cooper is just plain annoying. I realize that the battle over whether anchors and reporters should be upstaging the people and events they report on has long ago been fought and lost; still…

    But as i said, i *don’t* have ties to these events. If this sort of reporting helps those who do, then so be it.

  2. Speaking as one who grew up almost my entire life in Waveland I can understand Anderson Cooper, Oprah I think was just fake. When I had to evacuate to Atlanta and work with my company (a large gulf-south bank) to make sure that the bank was able to get money to people I was not able to return to my home for a month and even then it was just the weekend b/c a lot of my staff quit and I had to hurry back to ATL  (I worked there until Nov 20th). When I finally went back (on my wife’s birthday 9/25 -btw she’s an alumn of OLA class of 98) I could not stop saying, "this isn’t real", "I can’t tell where I’m at". My wife and I cried as all I could salvage from our Pearlington home was her wedding dress and a painting of my uncle david wainwright of whom a street is named after in waveland off old spanish trail by the elementary school.

    It’s like loosing a loved one; you miss them and wish you can go back to them but you know they’re gone. My wife, my mother-in-law, my 16 yr old sister-in-law and I now live in the denver, CO metro area and I have to be the one everyday to keep the tears held back, keep everyone’s spirits up and help put the past behind us. I will never move back because I personally believe that the gulf south will be hit again, and I can’t handle that. Going back to Anderson Cooper, He and Sheperd Smith are the only two journalists that tell it like it really is and Smith more because of a quote he made a few months ago when president bush was at st stanislaus "the hurricane did not hit New Orleans, it hit here" and then he had the cameraman pan around the bay area where Big E’s used to be among other buildings now in ruble. I think if there were more big journalists like cooper and smith, more people would not forget there there is still a disater down there and it did not go away simply because people stopped putting it on television.

  3. cheryl says:

    i left hancock county 3 weeks after the storm. i moved to obx, north carolina and have been working out here. i’m supposed to go back home in a couple of weeks and i’m kind of nervous. i remember what it looked like when i left. i also remember what it looked like before.  i think it may be a little overwhelming at first. i think i was still in shock when i left from there. it all kind of seems like a blurr. i’m looking forward to going home and starting over. it’s been a while and i feel a little guilty for leaving. i miss my family back in miss. and hope to see them soon. i have met some wonderful people during my stay on the outer banks and i’m thankful for their hospitality. i will miss them too. god bless and be with everyone affected by katrina and those who gave of themselves to help strangers in need.

  4. sean says:

    i remember when my sisters and i would joke around talking about the rednecks that the news shows would always find to interview about the hurricanes(you know the type of people that northerners think of when they think of southerners)……..little did we know that we were those rednecks

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