Let the good times roll again in New Orleans

Happy Mardi Gras to all you New Orleans natives who couldn’t make it back to the Quarter this year.

And yet another Fat Tuesday in Seattle. My Seattle tradition has been

  1. Wear my LSU t-shirt
  2. Wear my “good” beads to work
  3. Watch BourbonCam (I promised myself last year at this time I would get interviewed by BourbonCam, but alas, I’m still here in the rain. Next year on Rue Bourbon!)
  4. Order a king cake Listen to my Mardi Gras / Cajun music on my IPod, like how “at the Audubon zoo, they all ask’ed for you.  they even inquired about ya”
  5. Use the word “lagniappe”

Need a reminder from home? How’s about “Frankie and Johnny’s where you can have the bedroom set today! I’d like to buy a bedroom set. Do you have any credit? No, I receive welfare and social security. You need to see the special man. Letta have it. With no problem. I say I say who say I say, you can have the bedroom set today. With no problem!”

Need another? How’s about “Rosenberg Rosenberg 1825 Tulane.” (I probably should stop now and get back to work.) Does anyone remember the game show "N.O. it all?"

How do you cope being away from the carnival year after year?

Comments (4)

  1. Tim says:

    You’re weird 🙂

  2. She isn’t weird at all, if you speak "y’at."  I can translate/explain everything she mentions, if you really want. 😉

    For me, Sara’s post hit me as natural; what’s weird is watching how Mardi Gras is portrayed on cable news.

  3. Richard says:


    That brought back a lot of memories growing up in New Orleans.

    I was in New Orleans the weekend before Mardi Gras and the city look just as bad as it did when I visited in Oct. 05.  But that didn’t stop the big party!

    I was glad to see people continuing to move forward with life and not dwelling on the devastation.

  4. Stuart Dixon says:

    Did you get enough king cake this year?

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    Do you remember Sam Barthe School? My brothers and I started there and finished at Country Day.

    S. D.

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