30 minute CNN special on Bay St. Louis and Katrina by Kathleen Koch

Last weekend, I caught whatever cold is going around, so Sunday afternoon I was out cold in bed.  I woke up when my mom called to tell me what’s going on in Waveland and such.  I barely remember the conversation, thanks to good ol’ Nyquil.  Anyways, I can’t go back to sleep, so I turn on TV.  CNN comes on with this segment “Save My Town:  The Fight for Bay St. Louis”  You really have to do a double-take when you just got off the phone with someone in that area to see the area on CNN.

The segment is really, really good if you are interested in
1. what does the area look like 6 months later
2. why is someone who has been paying hurricane, house, flood, etc insurance since Camille (’69) only getting 8,000 dollars back from their insurance company?  (ie what’s the difference between wind-damage versus water-damage)

In fact, CNN has a classroom activity just for these sorts of questions / discussions.  Am i in the Twilight Zone?
Did Kathleen Koch go to St. Joseph Academy / OLA or did she go to Bay High?

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  1. Susan says:

    Kathleen’s Mother was a TEACHER at OLA while I was also teaching there.  Not sure about Kathleen- she might have been at Bay High or just graduated from BHS in 1973 when I started at OLA.   Thanks for keeping everyone up-to-date with what has and is happening — spoke to Mrs. Carlos (Gail) Arnold on Sunday and she said that with her and her children away from Waveland for so long it was YOUR blog that kept them informed.  Her son Nick remembers you (Karate?).  THEY ARE SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!

  2. Melissa says:

    I caught this one too.  For the most part I thought it was good.  But…I have to ask, wasn’t it just a little selfish of Kathleen Kock to be carrying on about her "old" house and even collecting bricks for her family as mementos?  She never once mentioned the people who currently live in the house and have lost everything!  Her family is safely living in a totally different state.  I guess I don’t really hold anything against her; you can’t help but get caught up in the mess.  

    We walked along Beach Blvd (or where it used to be) at Christmas time trying to find the places where friends and family hung out for our wedding (Bay Towne Inn, Firedog, Dan B’s).  It’s all gone.  Sad to think that we can’t revisit that.  But, again, at least I still have all of my family safe.  I feel terrible for people like that young woman on the show who lost her parents.  I can’t even imagine…    

  3. saraford says:

    I missed that part about her collecting bricks.  I wonder if CNN edited out the sign "You loot – we shoot".  =P

  4. Jacques Bell says:

    I thought the piece by Kathleen Koch was very good. I remember her when I was at St. Stanislaus-the boarding school for boys across from OLA-the girls academy. The girls took classes with us and I remember she was in either my french or latin class. I think she later went to Bay High although I’m not sure. I do remember her being a pretty little gal-sort of quiet but friendly and smart.

    Although I am from New Orleans, I do consider Bay St. Louis my favorite place in the whole world-the memories are forever grilled in my mind. I really wish to move there and help with the rebuilding effort.

  5. jess says:

    jesus christ people dont ya’ll see that she was trying to get help for her hometown… you know the place she was raised. wouldn’t you do the same! i know i would.  i understand kathleen koch i understand completely screw all these people who are downing you don’t worry bout them just keep trying you’ll get your way.

  6. Ralph Ott says:

    Kathy Koch went to OLA and I’m pretty sure she was the valedictorian in 1977.

  7. W Kempf says:

    She mentions in the piece that Bay High was her high school.  

    I thought the piece was excellent.  I showed it to my ninth grade high school students.  They got a great deal from the piece.

  8. Wesley Bopp says:

    Did Kathleen Koch’s ancestors come from Chicago?  She really looks like my aunts who were Kochs.

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