Emacs and Brief Emulations Updates Available

Dylan, one of our editor devs, has posted some workarounds to Emacs and Brief Emulations bugs on GotDotNet.

The Brief Emulation Add-in addresses the following issues:

  • Bug FDBK38309:  BRIEF editor emulation for cut with no selection incorrect 
  • Bug FDBK40426:  Paste of code block incorrectly indents first line 
  • Bug FDBK40415:  Brief mode inline paste changes to line paste

The Emacs Emulation Macro addresses the following issues:

  • Bug FDBK41933: Emacs Keybinding difficulties
  • PageDown or PageUp resets selection start

Note that these projects are in beta, and a new release should be out soon. Please join the project to receive news and download announcements (via the Alerts Console, once you have joined the project).

Happy Visual Studio’ing!

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Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Coles says:

    Thanks Sara,

    I’ve downloaded it, so I’ll give this a try, next time I find chance.


  2. Daniel Coles says:

    Unfortunately, having little knowledge of VS addins, it took me a while to get this compiled, installed and loading.

    I was disappointed though, as all that it appears to do is to add "Brief Copy", "Brief Paste" and "Brief Cut" to the "Tools" menu.

    I can’t find a way of assigning:

    "Num -" to "Brief Cut",

    "Num +" to "Brief Copy", and

    "Insert" to "Brief Paste".

    There’s a chance that I may be able to do this programmatically by following the example in:

    http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms228766.aspx, but it’s not possible through the user-interface.  I’ve not got time to try this out at the moment.


  3. DylanL - MSFT says:


    Here is how to assign those addin commands to the keys.

    1. Go to Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard

    2. Make sure you have enabled Brief emulation by changing the "Apply the following addtional keyboard mapping…" drop down to "Brief"

    3. Change the "Use new shortcut in" drop down to "Text Editor"

    4. Type BriefAddin into the "Show commands containing" text box.

    5. Press the key you’d like in the "Press shortcut keys" text box.

    6. Choose the addin command which is correct for the key you just pressed and click "Assign"

    7. Repeat for each command in the addin you’d like to assign.

    Feel free to email me at dylanl@microsoft.com if you have any other feedback about the emulations or have any problems with the addin.



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