Attending BlogHer ’06

Thanks to KC’s post, I’ve registered for BlogHer ’06 this summer in San Jose. I’m going to propose a Room of Her Own session, as I haven’t had many opportunities to do public speaking outside of Microsoft campus.

What do you think about me speaking on “Blogging and Natural Disasters: A Case Study on Hurricane Katrina”? Yesterday, we went to Borders, where a “best of blogs” book caught my eye. The book naturally flips open right to the Blogs on Hurricane Katrina chapter, so it must be a sign this is what I should talk about. =)

Other topics do you want me to speak on? Anything in particular about Katrina and Blogs should I cover?

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  1. Mike says:

    How about the speed of information coming out of the Katrina blogs compared to traditional news outlets?

  2. saraford says:

    Good point!  That’s something i will definitely cover (provided i get accepted to speak at the conference!)

  3. Laurie says:

    I would mention "real" information as compared to "Spin Doctored" information that the mainstream media is fed and subsequently feeds to the general public.

  4. saraford says:

    Another good one!  Ah, the joy of blogs.  

    I was thinking about how blogs can prove / disprove myths / urban legends about these natural disasters.  For example, consider this picture of Saint Stanislaus College (the boys high school across from my all-girls high school).

    This photo was NOT taken in front of SSC, because there’s a big oak tree (not several pine trees) in front of SCC.  If you go to the SSC website, you’ll see what pictures during the storm surge actually looked like.  

  5. jane smolensky says:

    i believe that would be great, especially since you had the experience first hand to see and hear from the people here in hurricane katrina land.

  6. It’s official that I will be speaking at BlogHer this summer in San Jose about Blogging and Katrina!…

  7. GraceD says:

    All excellent comments.  You, Dina and I should put our noggins together and grok this.

    Be well,


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