MSBuild Extras – Toolkit for .NET 1.1 “MSBee” Beta 1 Released!

The Developer Solutions team (the team I joined 4 weeks ago) is proud to announce the release of MSBuild Extras – Toolkit for .NET 1.1 “MSBee.”  MSBee is an addition to MSBuild that allows developers to build managed applications in Visual Studio 2005 that target .NET 1.1.

You can download MSBee from the project homepage at

For any questions for comments regarding MSBee, please visit the MSBee forums at

For more information regarding Power Toys for Visual Studio, check out

The Developer Solutions team blog and my Developer Solutions Category.  Lots more information to come!

Comments (5)

  1. mike m says:

    2005 sucks working with 1.1

  2. Dave Sussman says:

    MS has released an MS Build Toolkit to allow you to target .NET 1.1 applications from Visual Studio 2005….

  3. Khurram says:


    can we build .net 1.1 solution file with msbee without going to vs 2005?



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