The top 10 most visited tips

Today’s post marks the 100th Tip on the Tip of the Week!  To celebrate the occasion, let’s recap our top 10 most visited* tips.

#10 – How to bind Keyboard Shortcuts to commands

#9 – How to do column selection

#8 – What C# books to read

#7 – How to optimize Visual Studio for Multi-Monitor setups

#6 – How to save your favorite window layouts in VS .NET 2003

#5 – Type-ahead selection works in Solution Explorer

#4 – Use Ctrl+Alt+DownArrow to quickly access all your open files

#3 – Use Ctrl-K Ctrl-C to comment selection and Ctrl-K Ctrl-U to uncomment selection

#2 – How to use Full Screen Mode

And the most visited Tip on Tip of the Week…

#1 – How to have fun with the Find Combo box

Prior to starting the Tip of the Week, I wrote this entry that would have blown all of these out of the water.

Guidelines – a hidden feature for the Visual Studio Editor

*most visited = number of web hits (how many people visited the website through a web browser) + RSS hits (how many people read the entry via a RSS reader)

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  1. Dev Emporium says:

    Microsoft’s Sara Ford celebrated her 100th "Tip of the Week" a couple of weeks ago by publishing a list…

  2. Dave Mengyan says:

    I recently installed Visual Studio 2005 (Professional) but mistakenly selected VB Developer instead of Web Developer in the initial set-up.

    Do you have any idea how this can be fixed?  I have searched around for an answer but I’ve had absolutely no luck.


  3. saraford says:

    Go to Tools – Import Export Settings, choose to Reset Settings, and select the Web Developer.  This will reset the environment just as if you had selected Web Developer from the First-Launch Dialog.


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