Disable Add-ins on Start-Up by holding the Left-Shift key down

If you ever want to disable add-ins from starting on launch, you can hold down the Left-Shift key while VS is loading.  If you find yourself running into random crashes, you might want to try disabling add-ins (either by this Left-Shift method or going to the Tools – Add-in Manager) to determine if it is a VS issue or an Add-in issue.  You’ll still be able to manually restart your Add-in during this VS session.

If you are seeing random VS crashes and you have Add-ins installed, the Visual Studio Team on the MSDN Forums would love to know if disabling add-ins had any effect on the crashes.

For any questions related to Add-ins, please check out the Extensibility Forums!

Got an Add-in Tip?  Submit it here!

Happy Visual Studio’ing!

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