The beginning of the end for Waveland, MS

There’s been a lot of discussions about merging the two cities.  Funny, I always thought Waveland would make it because it had the Walmart (which has been opened when nothing else was).  The ball has been in Waveland’s court, until now.

Coincidentally, Ryan, the writer for the below article, was in my grade / class in elementary school.  Small towns. =)

Posted on Wed, Jan. 18, 2006

Waveland asks for meeting


WAVELAND - An historic meeting could be in the offing in Hancock County.

Waveland leaders want to meet with officials from neighboring Bay St. Louis sometime this month to discuss merging resources. It’s up to Bay St. Louis to RSVP.

Alderman voted tonight to meet with the Bay City Council on either Jan. 24 or 25 to discuss combing services, creating inter-local agreements and coordinating comprehensive plans for the two cities.

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  1. Jane Smolensky says:

    I believe the City of Waveland should hold an election to see if the citizens want to merge. Just because the mayor and aldermen don’t have a clue on how to rebuild our city doesn’t mean the city (Waveland) needs to merge with Bay St. Louis.

  2. saraford says:

    If a certain high school physics teacher says the bridge is black, i will swear the bridge is white. That’s how i feel about the situation. yes, for those of you not from Waveland / BSL, this makes sense. I’m trying hard not to violate my "no religion or politics" on my blog. =)

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m not sure how I feel on this issue. It’s going to be such a hard recovery, maybe it is best to combine resources. It’s a tough decision. Did you hear that today the Bishop announced that St. Clare will combine with Bay Catholic on their campus? Now that seems weird…remember competing *against* them at the track meets? Nice ref to the anti-xp by the way… 🙂

  4. saraford says:

    LMAO, the "anti-xp". oh man, i needed a good laugh. I’m glad someone picked up on the physcis teacher reference. =)

    Yeah, i heard about the decision today about St. Clare. The only thing i miss about that school was Mrs. Lott’s 5th grade classroom on the 2nd floor and the vacation stations. I loved being able to look out the window onto the water or the playground and daydream away the afternoon. And, she was really a good teacher.

  5. saraford says:

    My husband just asked about the "anti-xp" reference. Apparently, he’s never heard any of these stories the past 5 years we’ve been together. Wow, time does heal all.

  6. Melissa says:

    OMG, I just remembered when that reference came about!  It was the Math and Science trip (yes, we’ve always been nerds).  Remember?  Umm, Mrs. Cranford…do you hear that…now I’m LMAO!

    Seriously, though…St. Clare’s was good to us.  There are certainly memories that I’ll cherish and it’ll always make me sad to see the spot on the beach were it once was.  I have to say I don’t miss the fried smurf hats at lunch, though.    

  7. Melissa says:

    BTW, in case you need some help explaining the ref to your hubby here’re a few notes:  ‘A’ girls in the B class; banished to the back of the room; Lisa’s female logical thought arguement; too many SmoJo arguements to count; but we got back – only 5 exam exemptions and 4 were from across the street!  =)

    Oh, congrats on the black belt!  Wow!

  8. saraford says:

    I just told Kyle that he made the fat kids run to the tree outside and back if they were late for his class.  That really sums it all up, does it?

  9. russ dodge says:

      Everyone’s worried about the NEXT one.  We have the answer to hurricane proof (resistant) housing. We build a totally concrete home out of a special mix we buy from the redimix co.  Yhr inside is beautiful with arched ceilings. We need to get one of these up and actually go thru a hurrican (or tornado). We would use local help and teach them the system.  One of our buildings went thru a hurricane with no damage down by Franklin, la about 10 yrs ago.  We also happen to know all about mobile homes

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