Officially a Black Belt

Black is an awesome color to wear!  Here are some pictures from tonight’s ceremony.

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  1. Johann Gerell says:


    I know there are many black "levels" (what are they called? "dan"?), but I wonder if they are distinguishable (is that a word?) on the belt, with stripes or some kind of markers? Or are they just something that the owner needs to know about?

  2. T.Imamura says:

    Black belt? It is terrible!

    I was not able to take off the black belt though I was learning the judo when I

    was a student.

  3. Waveland Crew says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! With pride and love,

  4. Jane Smolensky says:

    Congratulations Sara, we are all proud of you. It was a very long road to get there but I knew you would finish it. Way to go.

  5. Amanda B. says:

    Wow, you could kick my butt. Congrats!

    Fellow Mississippi blogger here. Howdy.

  6. saraford says:

    Thanks all!

    Color belts ranks are called "Kyu"

    Black belts ranks are called "Dan"

    So I’m now 1st Dan or Shodan. There are 10 degrees of black belt.

    At this dojo which is FSKA (other dojos, like JKA, may do it differently), 1st – 3rd Dan is just a black belt with your name and club written on the belt in Japanese. 4th and higher, it’s written in yellow.

    You may have noticed that i don’t have the red lettering. This dojo’s policy is for the black belts to train for an additional year before the lettering, so you don’t just get the black belt and quit. Karate is a way of life, so i’m fine waiting for another year to get the red lettering =)

  7. Tim says:

    Aha, so now we find out how you *really* got the new Program Management job!

    Congratulations 🙂

  8. Jim Holmes says:


    Maybe I can hire you to beat up my older sister who took up Akkido when I finally got big enough to hold my own against her. What a cheater.

  9. Don Glover says:

    So, one wonders how things are going…

  10. Adrian Hoe says:


    Keep it up. Your training only begins at Shodan.

    After another one or two years of your training as a black belt, you may try to learn other styles of karate to expand your knowledge in karate-do.

    Being a Shotokan, you may look into other systems like Shorin-ryu and Shito-ryu. You will find them complement nicely to your Shotokan system.

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