Waveland and St. Clare School (my elementary school) to be on Scarborough Country tonight

Through the powers of email, i’ve heard that St. Clare will be featured tonight on Scarborough Country.  There’s a small write-up about Waveland on the show’s blog. 

When we went down there with our U-haul, most of our non-clothing supplies went to their donation center.  We donated a set of tools to the school’s janitor / mechanic to setup the kids’ desks.

My favorite classroom (okay, the only classroom / grade i didn’t despise) was the 5th grade class that was on the second floor of the only second-floor building.  You could see the water from your desk and just daydream for hours.  But alas, that concrete slab is just being used to pile debris.  At least the Magonlia tree in front of the main entrance survived.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Good memories, Sara. 🙂 That classroom was the best. I caught this story on St. Clare’s and Waveland in USAToday when I was traveling over Thanksgiving.


    The best part is the last line. The leaves are starting to sprout on the trees again and it’s the most amazing thing. So much symbolism, you know? (hehe now we’re talking ninth grade lit).

  2. c.o. says:

    I went to that school from 4 to 12 yrs old. a great place to have been. the good old days…

  3. Erin O'Brien Lee says:


    While searching for info on Waveland, particularly St. Clare, I came across your site. I am going home for the first time this Saturday. Thank you for your pictures. Unbelievably heartbreaking! I am very nervous about my trip home. My husband and I live in Tucson, AZ now.

    Merry Christmas,

    Erin O’Brien Lee

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