Waveland experience from an emergency doctor assigned to Waveland, MS in the early days following Katrina

The experience below comes from an emergency doctor who went to Waveland, MS with the North Carolina –State Medical Assistance Team from the Carolinas Medical Center. 

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  1. Pat LaFollette says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I just returned from three weeks in Bay St. Louis and Waveland, working with the Red Cross. I can tell you the ER of the hospital in Bay St. Louis is now handling patients. I read your descriptions and recognized things I became familiar with while there. But you are correct–no words can describe the total devastation–or the spirit of the people I encountered. While there, I was on a Red Cross ERV that served 350 meals a day to people unable to provide for themselves. I hope we made a difference.

  2. Jarvis says:


    Thank you for the nice post you made at my blog. Looking at my blog, I know that sometimes I get carried away with my "sense of humor" and I know that its not for everyone. I started out doing this because I wanted to have an outlet for what I am feeling. My wife and I live in Mobile, Alabama about one hour away from the Biloxi area. We have been through several hurricanes, most memorable riding out Hurricane Ivan at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. A co worker and I were speaking before Ivan when we knew that we were going to get hit and knowing that in a days time that everything in our lives would be changing forever. Luckily, Ivan turned at the last moment and we were spared a direct hit. Tragedies effect people different ways. I have yet to visit the areas in Mississippi yet that have been damaged. We have been getting our news from NBC. My wife and I have commented that it seems that Brian Williams and his staff have done a more important job than just handing out MREs and bottled water. They have used their medium to chronicle what has happened. Mississippi, in my opinion, has been forgotten. A giant hand has came through and swept everything away. When seeing NBC’s coverage, I see something different at work here, something that I dont believe I have ever seen a network do. They are not sensationalizing this. You feel the heart and soul of these reporters open up as they tell the world what has happened here. Towns like Waveland and Pearlington will come back better than ever. Because of the work ethic of their citizens and the desire to repair and rebuild their homes and way of life. Thank you for all your hard work and most of all, not letting the world forget these people. On 9/11, all Americans were citizens of New York and Washington. After Katrina, all Americans were citizens of the Gulf Coast.



  3. saraford says:

    Hey Jarvis, it’s all good. I actually promised the folks at City Hall I would write a blog entry that "Brian Williams is the sweetest sweetest man." He and the rest of the staff made quite an impression on my family and the city hall works.

    In fact, yesterday, i got a thank you note from one of the producers at NBC Nightly News thanking me for all the work i did to get my family and them sync’ed up, due to issues with cell phone service down there. The note displays proudnly on my corkboard in my office.

  4. saraford says:

    And in addition, my mom sent a "I survived Hurricane Katrina" t-shirt to one of the reporters from NBC Nightly News. She gave it to me while i was down there to mail it. The reporter was really touched.

  5. Patti H says:

    Thank you for the article detailing an experience in the Bay-Waveland area. It confirmed my dread concerning the tidal surge, damage to the hospital and stores, as well as many other things we have heard about the area. I had considered seeking a nursing position at the Hancock hospital and retiring to the coast. Those dreams have changed.

    Our place "was" located not far from the K-Mart mentioned. We have tried to salvage our little piece of heaven but only able to save dishes and two pieces of furniture. Water in everything–ceiling fixtures, inside the blender, etc. I also noted the absence of birds–quiet, still. No sign of the goldfish in our small pond. Someone’s deck in our yard.

    We plan to pick away at rebuilding–(was not insured)and plan to make the Bay St Louis second Saturday art walk…

    A friend of mine stayed for Katrina–she did not have food or water for 5 days until the Church group came to the rescue…Please pass our thanks to all that came to help post Katrina.

  6. Betsy Payne says:

    My husband steppd on a nail and had changed his bloody sock.  We went to ER at hospital and they refused to give him a tetnus shot.  We came to your Kmart location and you gave him the shot he needed. Thank you.  Betsy

    P>S>  Did anyone else get looted – the stuff from our home was stolen from our front porch.??Our shed had blown away.  

  7. Gulf Port says:

    Gulf Port was not up and running, they had a DMAT set up receiving the patients you were sending to the hospital for about two weeks.

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