Our trip to Waveland – was it worth it? You decide Mastercard-style

Three hotel rooms for cross country trip:  154.73 dollars
U-haul trailer to tow donations for cross country trip:  268.25 dollars
Gas to drive Chevy Blazer towing a U-haul trailer for cross country trip:  527.58 dollars

Being greeted by your family at the gate as you finish your cross country trip,
Seeing your family alive and well after surviving a Category 5 hurricane,
Reuniting dog owners and their best friends of 12 years,
Watching hope enter people’s faces as you say, “I’m from Microsoft and I’m here to help,”
Learning the importance of having kids, because life is all that really matters in this world,
Handing over the keys to your truck to someone who lost everything,
Knowing you made a difference in saving your hometown…

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  1. John Bordages says:

    Very nice Sara….priceless indeed. I was in BSL and Waveland this weekend. I rode by your parents place but didn’t see anyone. I enjoyed keeping up with your trip through your postings. I sat here and clicked through all 259(?) photos, eventhough I’ve seen it all first hand, I can’t pass up looking at any photos of home when I find them.

    Take care and God bless.

    John Bordages

  2. Lee Garvey says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, Sara. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Waveland with the MED-1 mobile hospital that was set up in the K Mart parking lot – adjacent to the New Waveland Cafe. I agree that the entire experience was priceless. Each person we met in Waveland was absolutely wonderful. It was a huge privilege for us to be able to offer what we had, and I am very grateful for that experience. Those of us from Charlotte NC will remember the Waveland residents forever.

    Best to you all,


  3. Ron Rose says:

    Thank you for continuing to document the need in The Bay and Waveland. My fear is that people will forget them, some already have.

    My friends son Jeffrey spent two months in Portland with his aunt and uncle. I saw St. Clare Elementary on October 23rd. They were busy unloading supplies from up north. I think Jeffrey started back today.

    Thier older son Jimmy is in Maryland at another aunt and uncles house. Staint Stanislaus is not ready yet. He will likely stay through the semester.

    I have been down twice now. I hope to return by January.

    My time there was priceless.

    Keep up the good works,


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