The 13 days of training for my black belt exam on Nov 11th

Here I am, 13 days away from my black belt exam.  I’m mostly concerned about having to do the 4 kicks each leg.  This is where you do front snap, side snap, roundhouse, and back kick without setting your foot down.  And of course they make you do it right at the end of the exam when you are the most tired.

I’ve been studying the videos one of my classmates going for shodan let me borrow.  Stan, I owe you big time.  One part of the exam is to reenact the kata, so not only do you have to know the kata, you have to know the kata from the attacker’s point-of-view.

Finally I’m back at 100% since Katrina.  I’m able to focus once again.  Before going home, I would try to focus during karate class, but these made-up images of what home might look like would pop into my head.  Now that I’ve been down there, I can concentrate.

Last week, I went to practice every night, except for Friday.  I was too sore to go for a 5th night in a row.  But I got a few 4-kicks practice in at the house.  =)

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  1. Founder says:

    Good luck in your training.

    Every grading I have had I have been nervous and tense at the start, but gets better as it goes along (the human body can’t maintain being tense for a long time).

    I don’t know if it’s the same in your martial art, but with mine it is better to relax when doing the moves, especially kicking. If you relax when doing the 4 kicks, they will be a lot ‘snappier’.

    Practice whenever, wherever you can. Practice at home, practice at work. Just watch the walls; and your husband of course.

  2. Founder says:

    How did you go?

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