Signing off from Waveland Cafe – Day 8

Hey all,

I’m going to officially sign off now – So many people i need to say goodbye to today.  Our flight leaves MSY (New Olreans) at 1pm on Friday, so we’re going to leave for the city around 10am.  I wish i had known that Gulfport was operating right now.  I fear MSY will be a zoo.  They say driving into New Orleans is a sad site.  We’ll find out.

When i get back to Seattle, i’ll post the pictures up.  I have about 400 photos.  I’ll probably just upload them onto FlickR with the others, unless others have a better suggestion.  If you’ve left me a message, i’ll respond when i’m back in seattle.

As the saying goes around here, "Good luck and God Bless." 

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  1. Silas Hundt says:

    a Google Alert I had set op for waveland, ms found your blog. I am from wisconsin, and the reason I had an alert set up for that was because I just got back from a three week stint at the self proclaimed "New Waveland Cafe" aka the hippie kitchen, down by daddy-o’s and the police station on the former Fred’s parking lot.

    I am writing to ask you if you went to our kitchen during that time and if so, what did you think?

    thanks, I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts if you have any.

    thanks, silas hundt

    silashundt at gmail dot com

  2. Oh Sara,

    I don’t know you personally, but I feel like I’ve known you forever. I too am from Waveland. I have not lived there since 1988, but used to go back frequently. I have not returned since May of 2004 though. I have been keeping up with your blog since Katrina hit. Thank you for keeping me "informed" about home. Even though I am away from there it will always be "home". All of my family (aunts, uncles, cousins and many old friends) still lives there. All lost homes….just like everyone else. I have felt (snd still do feel) this obsession and compulsion to "do" something. Giving $ has not been enough. I feel like I can’t NOT do something. May God bless you and Kyle hugely. Keep keeping us posted.

    A hometown Waveland girl.


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