Blogging from Katrina Ground Zero: Waveland, MS – Day 4

(written at 11pm CST on Sunday 10/16/2005)

“Camille killed more people during this Katrina than in ’69.”  This was the best quote I’ve heard all day.

I’m exhausted.  We got Kyle’s prescription filled at WalMart… in the pharmacy trailer.  The Walmart itself was a trailer about 50 yards long, filled will supplies that reminded me of camping gear.  There was also a freezer section.

After getting the prescription refilled we donated the shotgun to the Police Department.  They were pretty happy with the donation.  There were several police dept trailers next to the walmart.  An officer from Virginia State Patrol invited us back for dinner as a thank you for the donation.

The rest of the entire day was spent ripping out drywall and fiberglass.  Wearing safety gear gets really hot, really fast in 90 degree weather.  But we finished almost everything in the house.  It’s completely gutted.

I rode my bike down Farve Ave, one of the side streets near Coleman Ave.  I tried to take photos of each house, or better yet, the debris of each house, to try to capture what it looks like down here.

More tomorrow, need to go to sleep, or I’ll never wake up in the morning at sunrise

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