Chetan’s VS Automation Object Model blog is live

I want to give a shot-out to Chetan's blog.  He owns our Automation Object Model (aka DTE) for Visual Studio.  He promised me he going to be a frequent blogger, so definitely check it out if you use VS Extensibility!

Comments (2)

  1. Karen Wassmer says:

    Hi, I am new to Directx and I am probablly annoying to you big shot programmers, but I really want to learn it. I have great ideas, and Ive done html. My question is this…where can I get explicit step by step instructions on starting a direct x anything. Ive downloaded 100 things, but I need to have a starting point.

    Can I use direct x with photoshop atmosphere?


    Karen Oh, who are your marketers because I have a great microsoft marketing idea too.


  2. anitha says:

    i want to enter in chetans.i want to receive mails from chetans

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