How to hide numerous projects in the solution explorer using solution folder hiding

In Visual Studio 2005, solution folders improve the manageability of solutions that contain a large number of projects.  You can group projects within the solution into these solution folders. 

However, just having a project hierarchy isn’t enough.  Users of very large solutions may want to hide large portions of the hierarchy completely.  Hiding is different than unloading, because with hiding, you will still be able to keep your project-to-project references when building.

To hide a solution:
1. Create a multi-project solution (project-to-project reference optional, in case you want to verify it builds)
2. Right-click on the solution node, and select “Add – New Solution Folder”
3. Drag and drop one of the projects into the solution folder
4. Right-click the solution folder and select “Hide Folder”
5. Build (in case you want to verify it builds)

To unhide a solution folder, go to the Solution Explorer toolbar and press the “unhide folders” button.

Comments (5)

  1. Adam says:

    right click solution (in solution explorer) – > Add contains:

    New Project…

    Existing Project…

    Thats all folks

  2. saraford says:

    Hi Adam, solution folders are not available on the Express Skus, hence why you’re not seeing an option to add a folder on the context menu.



  3. Diego Vega says:

    While I like solution folders and I am following your suggestion, it seems that unloading the projects still makes Visual Studio RC much more usable (it is a VB project, and background compiler performance and regular crashes are killing me). I guess when you hide, everything is loaded anyway. It is only aesthetic, isn’t it?

  4. Diego Vega says:

    Besides, my projects seem to keep the project-to-project references even when I unload some. Why is it?

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