Our trip to Waveland – was it worth it? You decide Mastercard-style

Three hotel rooms for cross country trip:  154.73 dollars U-haul trailer to tow donations for cross country trip:  268.25 dollars Gas to drive Chevy Blazer towing a U-haul trailer for cross country trip:  527.58 dollars Being greeted by your family at the gate as you finish your cross country trip, Seeing your family alive and…


Waveland makes National Geographic Special Edition on Katrina

At bookstores and newsstands, you’ll find a Special Edition of National Geographic on Katrina.  On page 40 and 41, there’s a center-spread of downtown Waveland.  The longest pier thingy on the right of the center is the Waveland Memorial Pier (I can’t think of the official name right now).  To the left are Coleman Ave…


The 13 days of training for my black belt exam on Nov 11th

Here I am, 13 days away from my black belt exam.  I’m mostly concerned about having to do the 4 kicks each leg.  This is where you do front snap, side snap, roundhouse, and back kick without setting your foot down.  And of course they make you do it right at the end of the…


Waveland Cafe is now registered in the Microsoft Giving Campaign

This is a FYI to all the Microsofties out there. Waveland Cafe is now registered in the giving campaign as ID 0357319.  Just go to http://give.  contact me if you have any questions using the system. For additional information, including how non-microsofties can donate, please visit my main Save Waveland link.


What does that Restore File Associations button do on the Tools-Options-Environment page?

You may have wondered what that Restore File Associations button does on the Tools-Options-Environment page.  This button allows you to restore your file extensions for VS 2005, in case any were broken after uninstalling a previous version of Visual Studio or if a 3rd-party tool reregistered an extension.  In other words, this button updates all…


Save Waveland – How you can donate directly to Waveland, MS

Welcome to my official Save Waveland post.  All information I collect about how you can directly donate to Waveland will be posted here.  Updates will be sent out whenever the contents of this post change. Am I missing an organization?  Most likely.  Send me their info! Photos of our trip to Waveland can be found…


Photos of our trip to Waveland, MS now available

http://www.flickr.com/photos/34052677@N00/ Pictures may speak a thousand words, but a million are needed to describe the devistation. I have St. Clare Church registered with the giving campaign (just a fyi to the microsofties).  Once i get the Waveland Cafe registered (and hopefully Our Lady Academy not too far behind), i’ll post an official blog entry "how…


Use devenv /log to troubleshoot VS issues

VS 2005 has a built-in logging system to help Product Support Services troubleshoot Visual Studio issues. You may find it useful to troubleshoot issues on your own. Run "Devenv.exe /log" The log file is written out to %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Visual Studio\8.0\ActivityLog.xml Happy Visual Studio’ing!


Signing off from Waveland Cafe – Day 8

Hey all, I’m going to officially sign off now – So many people i need to say goodbye to today.  Our flight leaves MSY (New Olreans) at 1pm on Friday, so we’re going to leave for the city around 10am.  I wish i had known that Gulfport was operating right now.  I fear MSY will…


Blogging from Katrina Ground Zero: Waveland, MS – Day 7

(written at 10pm CST on Wednesday 10/19/2005) Finally, I found a place to donate the clothes.  A church in Diamondhead has offered to take the clothing.  They were no longer accepting donations, but when they heard we were from Seattle with fall / winter clothing, they made an exception for us.  It was a huge…