CNN’s Anderson Cooper returns to Waveland, MS 30 days after Katrina Video

Save Waveland!!

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  1. tzagotta says:

    Every time I see coverage of Waveland on CNN, I think of your blog posts and stories of your parents. It’s funny how much coverage CNN is giving to Waveland – I would assume there are lots of other towns that are in a similar situation.

    Anyway, I hope your parents are doing well (considering the circumstances) and that they can rebuild or otherwise move forward soon.

  2. John Bordages Jr. says:

    I’m not sure how to take tzagotta’s comment about Waveland getting a lot of coverage. And I certainly don’t see what’s funny about it. Maybe that person doesn’t realize that Waveland is absolutely no-more. 95% of the city was flooded, and as far as incorporated cities are concerned, Waveland was by far the hardest hit. I rode the storm out in my home on St. Charles Street in Bay St. Louis and surveyed the damage first hand. I was a police officer for the city of Waveland for 9 years and I know that city like the back of my hand. I was lost at times because of the lack of standing structures and recognizable streets. I stayed at my damaged, but standing home in Bay St. Louis until recently and have been all over the coast helping out. The only other city devestated as much as Waveland (total area of distruction compared to city size, or percentage wise) is Pass Christian. I’m not taking anything away from other areas such as Long Beach, Gulport, and Biloxi, I’m strictly talking about percentage of surviving, inhabitable structures within the city and the remainder of structured government. Waveland is, at least today, the city that was.

  3. saraford says:

    I’m sure tzagotta wasn’t implying that the situation is humorous. He probably meant "it’s interesting how much coverage CNN is giving to waveland."

    But tzagotta does bring up a good question, "Why is Waveland getting a lot of coverage compared to other small towns?" For those not living on the coast, it’s hard to really appreciate the unique situation Waveland is in.

    1. Most of Waveland’s government buildings (City Hall, Post Office, etc.) and business district (Banks, Lawyers, Real Estate, etc.) were on the beach side of the railroad tracks – meaning they were wiped out.

    2. Waveland / Bay St. Louis / the Kiln (pronounced Kill) took the absolute worst possible direct hit by Katrina. The eastern eye-wall is the worse place to be.

    3. Waveland is the smallest coastal town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Unlike major towns like Gulfport and Biloxi that operate ports, host military bases, and so forth, Wavealnd is a residental retirement community. Sure, in recent years it boomed with the casinos, but at its heart, Waveland is a small town. The question now is "Will Waveland revert back to what it was prior to the Casinos?" it’s a tough and scary question.

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