But Sensei, the dog ate my karate exam results

Coming home today to see my karate exam results in 3 dozen pieces gave a whole new meaning to “the dog ate my homework.”

All the small pieces looking at me

What Kyle was able to find

2 hours later

The end result after lots of tape.  Only 4 or 5 holes.

What Graham must have eaten

Comments (2)

  1. Moszi says:

    hey Sara ! :)) I’m really sorry about your karate exam results 🙂 … I’ve 2 turtles but they are not so wild 🙂 …

    All my best !


  2. Sorry to hear that. ;-(

    But glad you got it back together. I’ve lost many things to dogs over the years: hats, books, sunglasses, lamps, cords …

    BTW, passed my blue belt exam last night.



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