Passed my PreShodan exam… now off to the final black belt test

I think they were just being nice to me and passed me.  =)  The results weren’t nearly as bad as i thought they were going to be.  It was kinda tough to focus just two weeks after Katrina hit.  I definitely had an off night, but apparently it wasn’t that bad.

I even thought of quitting, but my friends in karate told me they would beat me up if i did.  I’m sure i could take them individually, but as a group, that might be tough.  Obviously, i’m just joking, but they were serious about me not quitting.  So i told them i would take the shodan exam just for them at this point.  I get really frustrated when i can’t do my best possible work.  It’s been hard to train after Katrina.

Having said all of that, I got really excited after seeing the exam results and knowing that i am finally going for black belt.  I’ve been re-energized.

The exam is November 11th.  Anyone in the Bellevue area is more than welcome to stop by and provide moral support.  =)

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  1. Founder says:

    November 11, isn’t that the same day VS2005 comes out?

    I have been delaying my holiday to japan until after VS2005 so I get some time to play with it on my holiday. I’m also going for my Shodan in japan.

    I feel going for Shodan is like progressing from a ‘Junior’ Level to a ‘Senior’ Level.

    Good luck on your exam.

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