NPR Segment on the Waveland Drug Store destroyed by Katrina

This segment comes from the Waveland Drug Store, about 0.25 miles away from my parents’ house.  It withstood Camille (the Cat 5 that hit in ’69), so the photo gives you an inkling into just how strong Katrina really was.  Yeah, it has changed hands in the past year or so, but it’s still the Waveland Drug Store to me.  I’ll have to scan in photos of what Waveland used to look like.

And now Rita has hit Category 5 strength.  Oh boy…

Comments (3)

  1. Mat Price says:

    That was My aunt louise lynchs drug store before. I have built a site dedicated to waveland bay st. louis and my family located @ where you can see many pictures and video that I have taken. I lived right behind yall on jeff davis and my parents still still on jeff davis.

    and st joesph street

    Mat Price

  2. Tom White says:

    The Lutheran Church of the Pines located amost across the street from the drug store did not get distroyed! Somehow this church with over 6 feet of water within its walls remained standing. Damage to the interior walls of the santuary, kitchen and meeting rooms was extensive but volunteer labor removed the pews, carpet and Dry wall and have given it a chance to recover. I spent a couple of days there before running back to Florida from Rita. I hope to someday return to actually attend a service.

  3. mat price says:

    tom your confused on that. the drug store we are talking about is on coleman ave. and it had about 40 feet of water. nothing stands on coleman but the city hall mural.

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