Waveland, MS makes USA Today front page, and photos available on website

Just had an attendee from PDC today tell me that Waveland made the front page.  I haven’t had a chance yet to pick up a paper (just starting my shift at the pavillion), but i found the article online.

Article – http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-09-14-waveland-cover_x.htm

Photos – http://www.usatoday.com/news/gallery/2005/09-14-waveland/flash.htm

Yes, my family is one of the 100 diehard residents sticking it out.

In related news, chatted with my family this morning and they said that they are getting mail again.  Let’s hear it for the US Post Office.  How amazing is that after seeing the photos.  I’m still blown away by the pictures of St. Clare School / Church (where i went to for k-12).

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  1. Sarah

    I was so excited to find your website…I have NO idea what the rest of the website was about, but loved reading all the articles about waveland and looking at the pictures. I am horrified by what has happened to our little town. I am glad to hear your mom and dad are ok.

    Do you know if ms. Annabelle Fayard is ok? She has been on my mind. Please let me know. Thanks

    Shannon–Remember me?

  2. laurie says:

    Hi Sara – I have been surfing to find info about your hometown and found your blog.

    I am a Jersey girl heading down to Waveland with my church on October 23 – 30th to volunteer to help prepare meals for other relief workers. Can you tell me what to expect down there? Weather – what type of clothes?

    Any suggestions of what "extras" I could hide in my luggage to bring for folks?

    You can e-mail me at innkeeper@evergreeninn.net

    Thanks! Laurie

  3. DramaGalVal says:

    I was in Waveland volunteering from 9/28-10/1. Christian Life Church of Orange Beach, AL and Heartland Community Church of Rockford, IL have taken over the Big K parking lot and there is now a mess hall that serves 5,000 meals a day, a "store" for donated food and supplies, a "clothing store" for donated clothing a warehouse and a portable hospital. There are also showers, Port-o-lets, a sleeping tent for the volunteers. It was so awesome eating and talking with people from St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, Pass Christian, Waveland and Gulfport. The spirit is definetly alive in the people. They are disappointed with the government, but they are so grateful that the church has stepped in to help. I was amazed at the devastation and I never even saw Waveland when it had buildings! I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who "knew it how it used to be". I look forward to being there again over Thanksgiving. Our "camp" will be there for at least a year.

  4. Christian Life Church is still working in Waveland and they are planning a special day on December 18, 2005. This day is called Christmas on the Coast and it will be a day where the people of Waveland can come and pick out Christmas gifts for thier families. They would like to give each family a camera and a photo album so that they could start to gather new memories. They are in need of gifts to give and 8000 cameras and photo albums to give out. You can help by sending s gift, camera,and photo album to Christian Life Church C/O Christmas on the Coast 25550 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL 36561 and by telling the world about this gift of hope. Thanks Robin Lignell Mobile AL Thanks for letting the world know about Waveland.

  5. Shawn Miller says:

    Hello. I was wanting to know how we can help you for Hurricane Katrina Kids in Mississippi.

    I am the manager of Singer/Songwriter Daniel Windham. We are interested in doing a free concert. We arealso interested in selling his CD and giving at least 50% to 90% of the proceeds to the charity. We only need to cover his expenses. How can we check into this? We would like to generate some publicity for this event at WDAM, Etc.

    His contact information is as follows:

    My name is Daniel Windham. I am a local singer/songwriter. I have lived in Mississippi for 16 years. I play acoustic guitar and harmonica. I play a mix of blues/folk/country rock in the gospel genre. I was wondering if I could play some music for the community some time. I’d love to hear from you.

    Thank you!

    Daniel Windham

    331 Cook Rd.

    Moselle, MS 39459







    Shawn Miller


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