Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Photos of my parents’ house and Coleman Ave in Waveland MS, Our Lady Academy and the beginning of Downtown Bay St. Louis, MS

My parents and close family are back in Waveland trying to clean up.  I’m absolutely going home sometime in October.  I’m going out of my mind crazy not being down there to help.  I’ve asked my family to contact either the Fire Dept or Waveland Police Dept. about sending money down there.  Both departments have been completely destroyed to the point that they do not have any running vehicles.  As soon as i hear anything about a way to get money or supplies down there, i’ll post here and probably will setup a paypal account (if possible).  I’m just dying to do something to help.

They UPS’ed me 2 CDs (400 MB) of photos from the hurricane.  I took the most dramatic and uploaded them to flickr.  None of these contain "graphic" images, like lost of human life or that sort of thing, but they do contain storm surge photos and completely destroyed buildings.

If you are like me, you have been waiting anxiously to see photos of anything from Waveland, so I hope this takes the edge off a bit.  I did my best to explain the photos in the titles / filenames.  Some of the photos i had to completely guess where they were taken at, but all of the ones posted on FlickR i know for certain (even if it did take me a few seconds to figure it out).

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  1. Leah Callais says:


    I have friends who own Bayou Caddy Fisheries, east of Waveland. I am wondering if anything there still exists. I am really worried about them and have no way to contact them because our phones are also down here on the coast of Louisiana. If you have any information, I would appreciate it.



  2. Mary Hamby says:

    My son-in-law, Dustin Davey, is with the Smyrna, Ga Fire and Rescue Department. Smyrna sent 4 fire-fighter / paramedics down last week in one of their fire engines to Waveland. They have been running calls and helping out where ever they are needed. They will be there through the end of this week and then will send down another crew. If we can be of any assistance please contact Becky Davey at

  3. Liddie Anderson says:


    My husband and I have just returned from a week of volunteer work in Waveland. We were part of the field hospital in the K-Mart parking lot. Inspite of the devastation and pain the people there are begining to take small steps toward recovery. What a wonderful place this must have been. I would have liked to have had some idea of it’s beauty prior to the storm. Just to let you know the Field Hospital in the K-Mart parking lot is rendering a great service to the area. The state of North Carolina has sent a very well trained professional medical staff to care for the community. We were very busy as we saw in excess of 300 patients each day. The hospital has brought state of the art technology to the area. They have the ability to treat all types of patients. From the most severe trauma to the smallest child with a cold. Just thought it might ease your mind a little to know what the wonderful people of North Carolina were doing in for the people in the Waveland/Bay St. Louis ares. If we can be of any futher assistance please let us know ( 662-323-9059. Best wishes to you, your family, and all the people in the Waveland/Bay St. Louis area.

    Liddie & Sam Anderson

  4. Elizabeth Nichols says:

    Over the last 15 years I spent many happy weekends and holidays with friends who had

    a house first in Bay St Louis and then Waveland. I feel blessed that I came to know these lush, sleepy beach towns and I will always miss them.

  5. Wauseon, Ohio says:

    I just found out that Wauseon, a small town in Ohio has chosen Waveland as a town to "adopt". Local residents will be helping to provide aid and send gifts for children in the area for Christmas. The two towns are far apart, but similar in many community ways.

  6. I’ve not posted anything about Hurricane Katrina yet. Here in Tupelo, Mississippi, by the time Katrina…

  7. Gwen Pippin says:

    My daughter and son in-law lived on Beach Blvd in Bay St Louis. My son-in-law is a Waveland Police officer. They lost everything. Jeremy was one of the 14 officers that clung to the bush in front of the police department for 5 hours. We are very lucky he is alive.

  8. Ceil says:

    I am so sorry for the loss your family has suffered.

  9. Cecile Hoare says:

    Hi Gwen,

    Im From Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. We and many of our students watched the Hurricane Relief show last week and saw what Katrina did to Waveland. Since then, Central Public, has decided to adopt the students of of Waveland, and their parents. We have a project going right now in which the students are filling a shoe box, one for each student. In the boxes are school supplies and personal care products. As well we are sending clothing, water, toys and other donations. Only one small problem, who do we send them to and who can we contact? I saw that the Fire department was the only building left standing, can we ship the items by transport to the Fire department? I dont want to be rude, but I rather the items go directly to Waveland so we know they have reached the people who are being over looked.

    If you can help me find out who to send these items to Id greatly appreciate it.


    Cecile Hoare

  10. Gwen Favre Barrett says:

    In response to: Sunday, September 11, 2005 2:37 AM by Leah Callais. Mike Cure is my brother-in-law married to my sister, Pam. Everyone survived the storm and are fine. Bayou Caddy is completely destroyed, only slabs remain. Every member of the Cure family lost their homes to the storm surge/flooding. And now, their Louisiana seafood business in Delcambre, Bayou Carlin Fisheries, has incurred severe flooding from Hurricane Rita. With God’s wonderous grace, my home sustained minor damage. We are strong and faithful people. We are rebuilding and moving forward. Your sincere prayers for us are what is most needed now. Be sure, I will forward your search to Pam & Mike.

  11. Pat Fowler says:

    I was part of a NOMADS team that stayed in our RVs and volunteered for three weeks at Gulfside Assembly at Waveland several years ago. I understand there is very little of the center still standing. So sad!

  12. Nancy Guerrettaz says:

    My son and three other volunteer fireman from Farina, Illinois have been in the Bay St. Louis and Gulfport areas since hurricane Katrina. He sent home some photos and I was amazed when some of your photos are the same as his. They are assisting FEMA with distributing supplies and clearing away trees and depris. When speaking to him on the phone he commented that it looked as though a bomb had been dropped and no matter how much they do it just can’t be enough. Our prayers are with all of you.

  13. Matthew Cameron says:

    My home of 36 years was destroyed with many others in the Cedar Point area in Bay. St. Louis. I need someone who witnessed the devastation. If you stayed around the Thomas St. area during the storm and can give me any information please call Matthew at 228-586-0564. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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