Where can i donate to the reconstruction of Waveland, MS?

Update 10/30/2005:  The answer to my own question:  Save Waveland!!

Maybe it is way too early to be asking this question, but I want to start doing fundraisers up here specifically for the reconstruction of Waveland, MS.  I guess it is going to take a while for local government to get reorganized, but I’m hoping someone knows of any efforts.  I’m hoping to do something specific for my hometown versus donating to a large organization for all affected areas.  Don’t get me wrong that you or anyone else shouldn’t donate to large organizations like Red Cross and such, but personally I’m hoping to send money to Waveland that will get spent on Waveland.

If anyone knows of anything, let me know.

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  1. Travis Owens says:

    The truth is, New Orleans is getting all the attention (yeah for the media </sarcasm>) and people will have little interest in alternate fund raising imho.

    But hey if will latch on, I’m all for it.

  2. saraford says:

    You never know. The city of waveland can start their own fund / account that we could donate to. Obviously it won’t make CNN as much as New Orleans would, but at least it would give some of us who have left home a chance to donate and help.

  3. karen says:

    Waveland is just as important as New Orleans to some people, the ones who lived there and us who visit our family & friends there..Scott Blackwell was a bid assest to Waveland,.

  4. Pat D-F says:

    Our ECLA Lutheran Synod in Atlanta, GA plans on forming teams to help rebuild all along the coastline. Since we have friends still in Bay St. Louis, we are going there later with the teams. I am sure we will work in Waveland also since the two towns are so connected.

    I am also going to contact Habitat for Humanity. I am sure they will be (or are already) making lists of volunteers as soon as they get word they can go into the affected areas. Again I am going to volunteer to go to Bay SL and Waveland.

    Everyone else should jump on the bandwagon now and put their names on the volunteer lists being formed to go to whatever areas Habitat will go. Contact your local churches (especially Lutheran, Catholic and Episcopalian, I know of for sure) in your area who can forward your name to lists at their higher offices also.

    I hope this brings some light and hope that these devastated towns will one day be on the path to recovery and full of life and vegetation again.

    Don’t forget about all of the animals and pets who had to be left behind or got lost. The Humane Society of the United States (of which I am a Life Member), also know as HSUS, is taking monetary donations for pet food and vetinarian medical supplies as well as asking for volunteers to help in their animal shelters and foster homes for pets until their owners can retrieve them.

    Pat D-F

  5. Gwen Sam says:

    Looks like the city of Monterey Calif has set up a fund for Bay St. Louis and Waveland due to the scientific work that is done in both areas. They do not have a web based donation link – you must mail it in.. .37 cents well spent! See below for link.

    GLAD YOU ASKED the question Sara – a lot of my healing from here under my roof in Washington DC this week has been giving to assorted charities in the wake of Katrina. A little here and there has helped me feel useful while I live safely in the capitol of the western world – don’t forget about the animals – give to spca and the humaine society… Thanks for the prompt on this ! Best wishes


    log on to see their community resolution and etc PDF.

    Please mail donations to:

    City of Monterey

    City Manager’s Office

    Monterey, CA 93940

    Monterey Partners with Bay St. Louis and Waveland, Mississippi

    for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

    The Monterey City Council authorized creation of a special "donations fund" to collect money for storm-ravaged communities Bay St. Louis and Waveland in Mississippi. These communities are home to the Naval Oceanographic Office which is a sister operation to our own Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center. In addition, Monterey also shares other common traits with these communities – our coastal locations and tourism industries. These towns are 35 miles east of New Orleans (see map), with a combined population of around 14,000.

    By establishing a partnership and calling attention to the plight of this specific community, we are providing Monterey Peninsula community members and organizations an opportunity to make a personal connection with the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina and at the same time aid in the restoration of a critical national research center. Recovery will be long and challenging, but through this partnership we can journey alongside.

    Donors should make checks out to the City of Monterey Bay St. Louis-Waveland Donations Fund. They will be deposited in a separate newly created fund (see resolution in PDF), not the General Fund. Funds will be sent to Bay St. Louis and Waveland on a yet-to-be-determined basis. For information about tax-deductible contributions, click here (PDF).

  6. Gwen Sam says:

    YOU can also donate to rebuild a kids skate part in Waveland – see links (to cut and paste and #’s below). Best wishes to all –

    Remember you can donate as little as 5.00 and donate often to as many "legit" orgs as poss. A boy in Ohio raised 1600.00 dollars with his lemonaide stand – he got his siblings to man the stand and boy did he make a difference!


    South Coast will rebuild!

    Posted on 09-08-2005 by weezer

    Hey everyone! ya it’s me Kelly……… Sorry I can’t call everyone but I think you know why! thats why I’m writing you guys now. It’s going to be a long, long process but I will be re opening South Coast Skate Park in Waveland! King of the Park will live on! Thanks to all the companies who have helped and are going to help with my families losses. thanks

    Hope all is well and special shout outs go to Greg Pender, Pete Kelly, Brian Schaefer, Chris Long, Jason Harvey, Ryan McBride, Todd Ortiz, Dennis Jarvis, Dickey O’Riley and MY BROTHER JEFF WELSH I LOVE YOU!

    The dirty south will rise again…………… Kelly Welsh

    Kelly Welsh update

    Posted on 09-03-2005 by skatems

    Below is an e-mail I received on 09-03-05 from Greg Pender, a friend of Kelly’s.

    If you can help, see below. Keep the Welsh family in your prayers

    Tate, Skatems.com

    I am writting you all today to let you know that a dear friend of ours, Kelly Welsh and his family are left with notghing after Hurricane Katrina blew through the Gulf Coast earlier this week. I have been in contact with Kelly as weel as other friends I know from my Navy days who reside in Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi.

    Kelly Welsh grew up in Hermosa Beach and he and I have been great friends for over twenty years. Kelly moved to Bay St. Louis, MS several years ago and opened South Coast Skate Park with his wife Tami. Together they are raising two children Riley and Katie. Kelly and Tami’s immediate family are left with nothing but the cloths on there backs but have the will to rebuild what they have worked so hard to build together. In a message Kelly left me this mornig Kelly said " Pender just bring me a clean pair of socks".

    I also have friends whom I have kept in contact with over the years from my Navy days. They are also left with nothing and desperately need our assistance.

    I have set up a Welsh Family Hurricane Relief Fund to help our friends in dyer need. The account is open at Bank of America and is 004370633695. This is absolutely no joke and all money will go to The Welsh Family, The Milton Family, their friends nieghbors and whom ever else wee can find that need food, water, clothes, etc. Also the families of my Navy friends will benefit from this.

    Kelly’s brother Jeff is already on his way there with a trailer full of supplies, a chain saw, etc to help them clear the debris. Jeff is a member of the Cathedral City Fire Department and will be a huge help to his family. With his training he will be able to help those in need of medical attention is it arrises.

    My plan is to forward money to Kelly as soon as the local banks open. In a few weeks when the dust settles I am packing a 24′ trailer and driving to Mississippi with my Pop and whom ever else wants to go. Other close friend like Ryan McBride are ready to head that way to help in any way we can.

    I thought about donating money to the Red Cross but thought that our dear friends and their families needed immediate funds in order to get necessary supplies such as gas to run the generators or food and water.

    Please donate what you can at any Bank of America Branch.

    Or you can send money to my attention at:

    2054 N. Ashbrook Circle Mesa, AZ. 85213

    Whether or not you donate money please kepp the Welsh family and all families who have lost everything.

    I can be reached at 562-205-6711 or 480-984-3807 with any question or concerns.

    Please pass this along to whoever you know would be willing to help The Welsh family and their friends.

    Thank you.

    Greg T. Pender

  7. Fayette County Cares Fund says:

    Hi Sara,

    We have come to help from Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. We are a group of business owners and concerned citizens who met last week and formed the Fayette County Cares Fund. We want to reach out to Waveland. It is our goal to help rebuild this town and the spirit of the residents whom reside there.

    So far 6 school districts and several parochial schools are collecting water, food, baby needs, etc. The Sisters of Charity are gathering medical supplies, the Fayette Chamber of Commerce along with the Uniontown Rotary are collecting new undergarments. A tractor trailer has been donated to transport these items to Waveland.

    On Sept. 24th we are having a fundraiser to collect monetary donations for the victims of Waveland.

    We have been unable to contact the mayor or any other local officials in Waveland to coordinate our efforts. Please contact me at work 724-439-3111, home 724-437-1542, cell 724-366-1240, or email lpc@winbeam.com We will await to here from you. Please know that our prayers are with you and those who are helping you.

    God Bless You,

    Sandi Anthony



  9. Mark B says:

    Greetings Please take the time to look at our site, we are a foundation doing work in Waveland MS

    If you can please pass our site on to everyone you know to better help us help our friends in Waveland.

    May you and all beings be well and happy.

  10. Mark B says:

    Greetings Sara, I forgot to add the web address to the body, can you add it in for me, thank you so much

  11. Alix Dunn says:

    I am planning a cross country bike trip to raise money for Bay St. Louis. I will be working with Rebuild Bay St. Louis foundation and the Gulf Coast COmmunity Foundation in Gulfport.  I would love to tell you more about the trip if you are interested in helping with fundraising. Please contact me with any questions at


    Thank you all so much for searching out ways to help.

  12. Jenn Coolidge says:

    It is almost a year later and from what I understand things are still as bad as they were post Katrina.  

    What needs are there?  What can I do to help?  Where can I send money, clothes, food, etc.?

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