Hancock County Emergency Services in West Virginia needs help contacting Hancock County, MS

Posted with permission from sender…

Hey Sara,
     I am a Captain with Hancock County Emergency Services in West Virginia. Our
County Commissioners would like to assist Hancock County, Mississippi, but we
have been unable to contact anyone there with which to coordinate such an
effort. We even tried emails, contacts via governors, representatives, etc. as
well as through FEMA, other DHS contacts that we have and even the RACES radio
network, but all to no avail.
     If you could have someone of sufficient authority contact us via telephone
with a reliable way to get back in touch with them, we would appreciate it very
much. (304) 564 4068 is our County 911 NON-emergency number, they can take the
information and get it to our OES Director, myself, or the President of our
County Commission to then get back to them.
     Thank you, God bless, and good luck!

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  1. jshep says:

    Good luck! I am a WV emt too, and we haven’t heard back from the state (wv) yet on going down. Bay St. Louis was my home many years ago. I would like to foster a family. They are great folks- hope you can help them out.Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is looking for licensed health care professionals to volunteer to help hurricane victims. Any health care workers willing to help should call (800) 272-2707.

  2. Gary McGinnis says:

    Your message will be hand delivered to the Hancock County EOC tonight. I am on detail to FEMA from the US DOT. I am a member of the Sykesville-Freedom District Fire Department in Maryland. I also serve on the Maryland State Fireman’s Association Safety Committee.

    I can’t promise you will hear anything but the message will be delivered.


  3. Hi, I just read these messages about W. Virginias County Commissioners trying to contact us in Waveland, Miss. I’m sure they’ve probably gotten through by now, but if not, I work for the City of Waveland and would be more than happy to assist you in any way I can. I’ve seen a lot of people from W.Virginia here and we appreciate all of your compassion, help & the fact that you people have left behind all that is familiar and "normal" and your loved ones to come and help us. Somehow "Thankyou" just could never express how much you are appreciated. If this allowed, I can be contacted at partytyme102@yahoo.com.

    Once again, Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou and God Bless you all.


    Terri Bledsoe

    City of Waveland

    Public Works

  4. Sara and others,

    Thanks to everyone who helped with the contact issues. We finally hooked up directly through Mississipi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw.

    Rather than fill this space with commentary of our time in Hancock County, MS, I direct you to an overview on my personal website: http://david.isonthe.net then select the "Hurricane Katrina" link.

    In over 30 years of emergency services, I have never had the privilege of working (and living) so closely with so many true professionals. I appreciate having been able to assist in some small way.


  5. sarah havemeyer says:

    Anyone wishing to help might contact Chief Kim Jones of the West Hancock Fire Rescue in Pearlington, Mississippi. The website is: http://www.westhancockfirerescue.org

    I have been sending them donated firefighting and rescue equipment and vehicles, but they can certainly use more help. I was there in January to help deliver an ambulance and Chief’s SUV and saw that the little town is still in terribe shape, although they  told me that things had improved a lot.

  6. Chief Blair says:


    Chief Lariviere is a very good contact to coordinate ongoing relief efforts in Pearlington and elsewhere in the state of Mississippi.  He’s up on current needs and has the ability and willingness to expedite allocation I believe.

    You can reach him at


  7. Marie L. Bilbo says:

    I think all the help was / is and always will be greatful to anyone in Hancock Co., MS. But, however, no matter what state, county or city you are in or wanting to help, you need to go thru the Chain of Command. Contact the EOC in that area you want to help. This will cut out a lot of GREED!!!!! There has been a lot happen down here in Hancock Co., MS since Hurricane Katrina came to say Hi to us!!!! I would just like to say "THANKS YALL" to EVERYONE that hleped in anyway. EVERYTHING was much appreciated. However, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact the EOC for anything you might want to help with or in. The county likes to know who donated what and who it help. Once again, THANKS yall for everything!!!!

    Marie L. Bilbo    :o)

    Kiln F-4 / HCEMA-4




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