CNN Video of Waveland – Note how the beach looks

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I can't place where they are standing.  Must be somewhere between Coleman Avenue and Bay St. Louis line.  Sounds like they just moved down there on the coast.  Makes me wonder if there's anything left of that "Deja View" house - that really bright peach-color house that you could see from sailing way out in the water. - "Mississippi Wipe out" is the hyperlink.  "javascript:cnnVideo('play','/video/us/2005/09/04/huntington.col.rusin.storm.flag.cnn');" is the javescript link.

Thanks to a long-time blog reader for finding the video.


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  1. susan ferry says:

    everything from Beach Blvd to two blocks inland was completely removed from sight with so very few exceptions: such as the top floor of the green octagon shaped house on the beach south of Waveland Ave

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