Please check out these Katrina Survivor sites, as this blog was never intended to be a survivor-list site has a Katrina Survivor-Connector List at the following mirror sites or  These sites are being hit very heavily, so please respect those looking for family and friends.

I've gotten slammed with requests to find out about love ones.  I wish there was more that i can do, but i really can't.  My contact with my family is extremely limited to say the least.  I got a phone call either yesterday or Tuesday (it's been a long 72 hours) from a federal agency confirming people were okay, so i'm sure you'll get one too very soon.  Some blog readers have told me that they have made connect in the past 24 hours, so please hang in there. 

Feel free to use this blog in any way that helps you, but i strongly encourage you to check out more "official" Katrina survivor sites.

Normally, i would be thrilled to have such a high MSN Search rating on a blog topic, but not when i believe there are better, more important sites out there than this one.  If you type in Waveland, MS (how many you are reading this now), this blog comes in at second.  I'm sending feedback to MSN Search to let them know  


Save Waveland!!

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