Hurricane Katrina East-Eye Wall strikes my hometown of Waveland, MS

Update 3: 9/3/2005:  For every 1 comment left on my blog, i’m getting 5 emails via “contact me”.  Unless you know me or know one of my friends, i honestly don’t have any information for you, so i’m going to start posting all inquiries for love-ones on this post as a comment (Scroll to the bottom to view).  Please just click “Post a Comment” (and scroll to the bottom of the page) to leave a message for everyone to see.  If you use “contact me” no one except for me will be able to view your message.

Update 2: As much as i’m hoping this blog will relay information to people, please check out other, better sites for trying to connect with family.  For example, has several mirror sites to search for hurricane Survivors like

Update:  If you are visiting this page from a search engine, please go to my main home page at for latest information, as i keep posting what i hear and found out.  Also check the comments, as people are leaving additional information and asking for status of family.

Many people were coming up to me today saying how relived I must be that the hurricane skirted to the east and avoided a direct hit against New Orleans.  My reply was, “Um, actually, my hometown is Waveland, MS, 30 miles from Slidell, LA, and 45 miles from Biloxi.  It took a direct hit.”  And by the way, Reporters, it is pronounced “Ba-luck-see.”

No word yet from any family or friends.  Most family evacuated New Orleans, but I have my immediate family, relatives, and friends of family that decided to ride out the storm in Waveland.  It was one of those “the house withstood Camille” sorta things.  Some family members in Dallas decided to pack as much food, water, gasoline, etc that they could into a truck and started driving to New Orleans / Waveland.  Word has it authorities are not letting anyone past I-20 right now.

Entergy (the electric company down there) is estimating one month to get power fully restored in all places.  One month!  Wow…

All I can say is my family members in Waveland had better have taken some most-excellent pictures of the eye of the hurricane when it passed overhead.  =)

Seriously though, i’ll keep y’all posted whenever i hear anything.

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  1. By the time the hurricane got to Tupelo, it was just a Tropical Storm. The winds have still managed to knock power out to several thousand people though. I’m glad all your family members came through ok!

  2. RandyHolloway says:

    Same here- my parents rode it out in Gulfport. No word from them yet, but I’m looking forward to hearing something soon.

  3. Sheeshers says:

    Hope your family takes excellent pictures and comes out through this just fine. Bombay was recently almost drowned and my family was in the thick of things….similar situation although it was no hurricane so no strong winds. Just a heavy constant downpour.

    Keep us posted on developments and possibly some very fascinating pictures!


  4. saraford says:

    i’ve heard from family in Biloxi that rode out the storm and they are okay. But nothing from Waveland group yet.

  5. kansasmom says:

    Hope you’ve heard from your family by now. My prayers are with you. My father’s house "was" on beach blvd in Waveland and we assume it’s gone but have gotten no word as of yet. He is safe though.

  6. sheilaschuster@usoncology says:

    HI, my name is Sheila Schuster and I have family in waveland that we have not heard from since sunday aroung 11:30 am just as they were evacuating. their names are Eric, Vicky, Patrick Mendel and Edna Loraine Watson.Their address is 213 N Beach blvd for Eric and Vicky and Loraine’s address is 214 Hillcrest . I am so worried about them. If anyone has any information on any of them please e-mail me or call me if that’s even possible 1-660-839-2712. May God be with you and all your families and everybody who is still seraching for family and friends

  7. Albert Dickinson III says:

    I have many family members in Waveland. I am unable to contact them. I want them to know I am ok in Memphis.

    My e-mail is

    Albert Dickinson

    looking for other Dickinson’s : Louie, Richard, Douglas, Charlene, Nola, Dennis and so many more. We’re praying for there safety.

  8. I am looking for my sister in Waveland. I am from there but live in New Mexico. Looking for Jimmie and Rhonda lafontaine. Haven’t heard from anybody from there.

  9. Katie Broach says:

    Looking for info of Jr. Broach family of Gulfport, hopefully evacuated northward.

    I am

    This includes Andrea and her grown children David, Carolyn, and Jerrie Ann and their families. Andrea’s home is just 1 block inland.


  10. Katie Broach says:

    Looking for info of Jr. Broach family of Gulfport, hopefully evacuated northward.

    I am

    This includes Andrea and her grown children David, Carolyn, and Jerrie Ann and their families. Andrea’s home is just 1 block inland.


  11. Pat Adams says:

    My brother and sister-in-law live in Waveland. I have not heard from them since Katrina hit. If anyone know the where abouts of Mike and Tammy Adams, please call 404-219-2393, or e-mail:

    Thank you and I hope your family is ok.

    Pat Adams

  12. My Dad and Step Mom also live in Waveland, MS.

    I got a call on the eavening the hurrican hit. They went inland to Hattiesburg. They were hit very hard there as well. My Dad told me that a tornado hit the house they were staying in.

    He is 65 years old and was looking forward to retirering soon. this Storm has changed his plans. He now is homeless and has no job to go to. they lived on Market street a block and a half from the beach.

    They survived Thank God. I hope all that are still looking for family find them safe and sound.

    I think the government could do a much better job helping these people. People are dying because it is taking to long to get the help they need.

  13. Mary hood says:

    I was born in Gulfport and lived a large portion of my life in waveland. My prayers go out to all of you.

  14. Trish Howard says:

    My thoughts are with you. My husband is from New Orleans, his dad and brother live(d) in Slidell, and we lived in Waveland until we moved here 10 years ago. I’m still numb. In my blog (URL above) I’ve actually done a few dumps and most recently a few memories from Waveland.

    I do hope all works out for you, your family and friends.

  15. Jewel Bullen says:

    I am not from Waveland, MS but have family members that live there. We are trying to locate Randy Denney and his family. Note to Randy: Your Mom, Dad, Brother and family are fine and are on the way to California to Julie Beth’s. Please contact Julie Beth.

  16. My family had to start over after Camille the summer after I graduated from high school. It was rough but we were able to move on. As an adult I moved away but my parents remained. Today I went back to my childhood home to give myself closure. My mother, my brother, and I spent about 4 hours looking for precious tokens of our life together. We recovered few treaures to take back home. I am sure that there are many heartbroken residents of the sleepy little resort town of Waveland that have walked in my shoes this week. I send the communities of Waveland and Bay St. Louis my love, support, thoughts, and prayers and ask for yours in return.

  17. saraford says:

    via contact me from

    My husband’s family is/was in Waveland…they decided to stay and wait out the storm. I was wondering how you were able to get in touch with your relatives down there. We still haven’t heard anything from his family and I was hoping I might be able to get some ideas of how to contact them. Just in case you might have known them or heard something about them…it’s Elaine Ladner and her family (Ashley, Brad, Paige) and the Johnsons…Jennifer, Darin, Jessica, Liz. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  18. saraford says:

    via contact me from

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me. My father’s long time friends live in Waveland and we have been unable to find out if they evacuated or stayed through the storm and if they are okay or not. Their names are Charles and Sylvia Clark. He is a minister there. Anything you could find out would be greatly appreciated.

  19. saraford says:

    via contact me from

    Sara, I am trying to get info on the Bobby Underwood, wife Darlene,

    2 daughters , sara, and Jessica. Bobby is law enforcement, as well as Oldest daughter, Sara(23). They are my neighbors , Their address, 221 Nicholson Ave. My house 223. Any news on my house. I was hoping I’m in the 5% that didn’t get leveled. What a LOVING community. I felt the need to write, please write back.Thank you and God Bless!

  20. saraford says:

    via contact me from

    I am looking for Cal and Karen Smith from Waveland, lived on Jeff. Davis. Does anyone know them, or have heard from them?

  21. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    Debbie, Sara, and Robin Mason from Waveland are all okay.

  22. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    David Dorn and/or Eileen Dorn: Dennis V. got your message that you are safe, but isn’t able to return your call.

  23. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    Dear Sarah: My family & I spent some time in your area a year ago playing in the softball world series. We met a young lady by the name of Sarah Underwood. She was a aux. police officer with either Waveland or Bay St. Louis. She was of great help during our stay and became one of us. I talked with her on Sun. night before the storm hit. I have not had contact since. I’ve posted several notes on sites but not much luck.Her address was 225 Nicholson ave.Waveland ms.Please Help

  24. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    Has anyone from Maveland, MS heard or seen

    Connie Gibbons West. We cannot reach her by phone and are worried. She has been a nurse for years at the hospital, I believe, in Bay St. Louis.

    Any information would be appreciate.

    Thank you

  25. Kitty Dimen says:

    My friend, Richard Boice (Dick), had a house on St. Anthony St. in Waveland. He’s 55 and lived in Gulfport for several years with his Gramm. Any news would be appreciated. Prayers to all of you down there.




  27. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    I have had no information about my Aunt her name is Betty Roddy and she is with her son Dave. They lived at 105 royal street waveland Mississippi. My last name is now Feltner and I have a son Patrick Roddy we live in kentucky

    I am a friend of mrs Feltner and am writing this for her if there is any info you might have please let me know if it is bad I will be the one seeing not the family. Thanks and God Bless. My name is Brenda

  28. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    Do you by chance know any way of contacting Hancock Memorial?? I believe a friends family members are there but we have no way of confirming this without contacting them… and they are not being found on any other survivor list. Thanks!

  29. saraford says:

    via contact me…

    Just wanted to let you know that I got an email yesterday saying the Springer family from BSL had been located. I believe they were still in the attic of their house but a rescue, of sorts, was being worked out. Thank you for keeping us up to date on your blog… it is appreciated!

  30. saraford says:

    via contact me…


    I did not know how to add to the list of those people found safe in Bay St. Louis. Our friends, Police Officer John Mitchell, his wife Joanne, his parents John Sr and Carol Mitchell are all OK. Their house on

    Chiniche St. along with the rest of the houses on their street and 1/2 block of houses behind them were not damaged and no water went into them at all (what a miracle!!). Their next door neighbor is a woman living alone, so they are staying with her while another Police Officer and his family and pets are residing in their house. This Officer lost his home

    completely. Sorry I did not ask what all of their names are. Talked with Joanne 2 days ago (Tues. morning 09/06): they have food, water, a

    generator going. Only need gasoline because lines are miles long and limited to only $10 at a time, but don’t need to go anywhere right now.

    I was the first caller from the ‘outside world’; I had been calling their cell phones 15-20+ times a day for 10 days until I got them. We are going down with supplies in another week and to help them out.

    John’s parents returned to Omaha, NE where they lived for many years and his Mom said she will not go back to Bay St. Louis again. Just wanted to add this message to your website.

    Thank you for doing this. I had also put John’s name on every Missing list I could find

    online……several people who know him have contacted me as a result and know all are OK now. I also have found articles this past week on Bay SL and contacted the news reporters by E-Mail. One in particular has been great about staying in touch and I want to thank him

    here……Rod Stetzer of The Chippawa Herald. Also Peg Palaszeski who lives in and owns a trucking company in Janesville, WI. Her brother

    lives in Bay SL, but escaped to family north of the Bay. She sent trucks of supplies to Bay SL yesterday and was going to look for John and his family. She was ecstatic when I wrote her via E-Mail Tuesday to say I had found them.

    So in time of need, this wonderful country of ours bands and bonds together at the blink of an eye with arms extended in help!!!

    Thank you!

    Newnan, GA

  31. Monique says:

    Great aerials from NOAA.

    I’m living in Singapore and I Am looking for Diane Marino Hennissy. She owned Dempsey’s on Coleman Ave.

  32. Monique says:

    Looking for diane marino hennissy. She owned Dempsey’s restaurant on Coleman Ave.

    NOAA website for photos.

  33. Monique says:


    Diane and her family are safe. Dempseys on coleman ave is gone but they are safe in Flordia.


  34. david says:

    Hopes Rita Could Gut Texas

    Millions all over the world are watching television screens intermittently in keen anticipation of Texan disaster as Hurricane Rita approaches the US Gulf Coast.

    There are high expectations the ironic hurricane, which grew in power after crossing over monoxide-heated Pacific waters, could cause significant damage to the oil-loving State of Texas.

    The oil wealth of the powerful US State has funded and inspired wars, assassinations, presidential campaigns and fuelled massive Texan greed and profiteering since the film Giant was released more than 50 years ago in an early critique of the insufferable Texan character.

    US authorities have disappointed the storm’s many fans in recent hours, downgrading Hurricane Rita’s severity from category five to category four.

    While there is now little chance Texas will be washed away entirely, viewers arond the world hope to see the most obnoxious state of the union seriously reduced by the storm.

    In a further irony, many of those stuck in traffic on highways out of Houston and other Texas towns are running out of ‘gas’, suddenly not so flush with the black gold they’ve grown fat on, and could be left sitting on the tarmac when the big winds hit.

  35. Jessica says:

    Wow, I came to this site extemely late. I am astounded at the bitterness and hatred expressed by david on 22 sept 2005. I have never heard anyone "dis" an entire state so blatantly. He might be interested to know that probably 99% of us here do NOT share in the "wealth" nor in the greed with which he mistakenly paints us all. Most are goodhearted and generous people. I wonder what he thought when Houston was the first major city to offer its resources to evacuees.

    I am just shaken by such extreme bitterness. I will pray that his heart has some compassion in the future and that he will somehow put his words to better use.

  36. Michael E. Ladner,Sr. (Little Red) says:

    I am looking for info on family from Waveland,Ms ,  mostly interested id the farell family from bourgois st. the names are , Lee(father),Zelida(wife) Ronald,Louis,Orville(sons),Gwendolyn,jacalyn(daughters). Lee is my Uncle and the rest , His family.the kids may have moved to Bay St. Louis, or Biloxi< or Gulfport. I have been out of touch for a long time but I still worry about them. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My E-mail is as follows,……thanks for reading this and may God and his angels watch out for all of you in the comming season of terror along the coast.

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