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Just a little background on Tip of the Week…

Sean and I started “Tip of the Day” on my blog back in March 2005 focusing on Editor features and functionality.  It was so successful that I started expanding it to other feature areas of the IDE.  Now that we’re on the Visual Studio Developer Center, I’ve decided to tip just twice a week, in order to provide you with higher quality tips.  Currently, I’m focusing mostly on the IDE and features Visual Studio Core Teams owns, but I’m hoping to expand even further to other features and languages.  So if you’re outside VSCore and are reading this, drop me a line if you want me to feature your areas.

I love getting Tip of the Week recommendations, so just send your tips and trick my way, and I’ll queue them up.  And of course, when I post them, you’ll get full credit.  =)

Happy Visual Studio’ing!

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