Did you know… How to optimize your Tool Window Debugging layout

If you’re dealing with callstacks only 5 lines deep, you’ll probably like the current layout – docked to the bottom.  However, if you’re dealing with callstacks 20 lines deep, you probably want to be able to see more lines without wasting your Editor real estate.  I’ve seen most of our devs, okay, maybe all of them, tab-dock the Callstack Window with the Solution Explorer.  (that’s tab-dock: where only one tool window in a group can be shown together versus side by side).   Now you’ll be able to see many more lines in your callstack window without losing your Editor window.

Another tip I got from one of our devs is to have the following layout on the bottom of the IDE:
Local + Watch + Breakpoints + Immediate

Let me know if you have a favorite tool window docking position you want me to call out as a Tip of the Day!

Happy Visual Studio’ing!

Comments (2)

  1. Ned says:

    Good call on talking about this. I’ve seen this be the difference between feeling in control of a debug session and just giving up because you can’t tell what is going on.


  2. Today’s tip comes from “some cool dev” who wrote the new Window Management features for Visual Studio…

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