Did you know… How to import and export your help doc and search Favorites

Once you have created a set of help doc and search favorites, you can now share them among friends or share them across machines.

In Visual Studio, go to Tools – Import / Export Settings, and choose Export.  On the Choose Settings to Export page, expand “Help Filters and Favorites” and select “Favorites”. 

You’ll notice the warning icon that you could reveal information about yourself (read: you’re about to share URLs), so you might want to export just that category to a file, and open it in Visual Studio (file – open – File) to preview.  The VsSetting files are xml files, so you can use the “Format Document” command (Edit – Advanced – Format Document or Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D in general profile) to make the vssetting file easily readable.

Happy Visual Studio’ing!

Comments (2)

  1. Norman Diamond says:

    These export and import commands aren’t options that get set to control Visual Studio operations in the future, they’re operations themselves which get executed now and then they’re done with. So they should be positioned just as Tools – Import / Export not as Tools – Options – something.

    I wanted to import favourites from VS2005 beta 1 into VS2005 beta 2. I thought I would have to figure out exactly what edits to make to an XML file and then copy it back into whatever subfolder I had found it in, but haven’t taken the time to try it. Never thought of looking under an "options" menu to find an "action" operation.

  2. saraford says:

    D’oh! It’s Tools – Import / Export Settings, not Tools – Options – Import / Export Settings. Just call it a Freudian slip. Even when i owned this feature area i would always go to Tools – Options, and then have to cancel the dialog. I guess I always had "options" on the brain.

    I’m going to update the post right now.



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