Batman Begins is awesome

Holy cow!  Batman Begins far exceeded my expectations.  Well, maybe my expectations were low to begin with after the last 3 movies.  But still, this was truly the best movie I’ve seen in years.

Finally, we have a batman movie that allows Alfred to have a real personality with real emotions, and not just some machine-like “Whatever you say, master” reflexes.  And we have a totally convincing version of Wayne’s parents’ murder – one where we can completely agree why Bruce feels the way he feels.

And I loved how they did the special effects – just the right amount to make you inch a little further back in your seat.  At one point I thought, “Am I watching a Batman movie or a horror movie?”

For the first time ever I think, I’ll agree with the critics – the casting for Bruce’s childhood friend / Assistant DA was way off.  I liked her as the college friend, but she just didn’t work as an Assistant DA.  She seemed just way too young still and fragile to play such a role.  Instead of forcing the “could they have been an item?” card, they should have kept it simple with a “brother – sister” relationship.  That I could have truly bought, allowing the scene when Bruce explained what he did when Alfred confronted him about the nightly news to be even more morally compounded.

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  1. SuperJason says:

    I agree completely. I think they gave themselves a bad reputation with the last movies, and now people won’t even give this a shot. You are right, it was an excellent movie.

    Go see it! Right Now!

  2. lynn eriksen says:

    Yes. Batman and Scarecrow’s second encounter was delightful yet very scarry.

    I thought Katie Holmes could be taken or left – she was okay in her role.

    It was very nice to see a Batman move that weas actually about Batman. I hope the make one or two more.

  3. Tom says:

    I liked it a lot too, though I do think your right about the Katie Holmes thing. The kiss at the end was supposed to be dramatic and it just came off as weird.

    I also have to say that length was a problem for me, with previews it came out to almost 3 hours where I went and that’s a bit much for a movie.

    One thing that I found really cool by the way is that this site ( has a comparison of sales from all the Batman movies. This one is doing well but it’s amazing how big a phenomenon the original was (remembering that, to compare fairly you have to take inflation into account so all the Batman 1 numbers get increased by 62% to turn them into todays dollars)

  4. saraford says:

    !!Minor Spoiler Warning!!

    I think we’re far enough down into comments that i can post this without anyone accidently hitting this site without having first seen batman. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading now.

    Was it my imagination or was Alfred crying when he picked up Batman in the car? I thought i saw him crying, and man, that got me good – i was all teary-eyed. As i said before, "Thank you for giving Alfred real human emotions."

    I’m going to watch it again (and try to confirm if he is crying), this time at IMAX (omg, is that going to be cool or what? – i’ve never seen a movie at IMAX before).


  5. saraford says:

    Tom: Yep, that was the scene that made me think of the brother – sister relationship. It felt way off, no chemistry whatsoever.

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