McGyver Seasons 1 and 2 available on DVD

I love blog readers, especially when they let me know about these things.

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  1. McGurk says:

    I got a comment for season 1… CRAP. As someone who spent the first half of his life cobbling all kinds of things together from stuff that was never meant to be building blocks, I can pretty much explain why pretty much everything he does wouldn’t work in real life. Stuff like handguns that magically disassemble to become lug wrenches (guns tend not to come apart easily–can you guess why?) and duct tape that doesn’t permanently adhere to latex… Personally, I’ll stick to the king of 80’s prime time action–Magnum PI. No crap there, plus Higgins.

  2. Travis Owens says:

    2 words: swamp gas

  3. zzz says:

    MG is still quite enjoyable (for some), my gripe with most of these 80s cult series on DVD is not that they are rip off themselves, but because the DVD production is a total rip off. Given its possible to make some 50 year old movie look like its shot today, they sure aren’t trying much for these series. I am not a tv production expert but I still cannot believe the image quality from the master footage is blurry work. They must make those DVDs off of some VHS thats been ran thousand times already. And the better hidef set you got the worse those DVDs will look. Unless of course its a $8000 TV that does a ton of post processing.

    Anyhow there’s still MI88 and TB2086 out of 80’s that I’d really love to see again be it DVD or whatever.

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