No fired chicken in Alabama schools?

That’s pretty neat they may start serving health-centric lunches in the school systems back home-ish.

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  1. Being a born and raised MS person myself, where did you go to school?

  2. Travis Owens says:

    I have mixed feelings with "the man" telling people what to do because "it’s good for them" even if they are 100% correct.

    Actually, as somebody who is an aspiring nutritionist/dietition I can say that fried foods are far worse for your body than you can imagine. The most unhealthy thing you can put in your body that’s considered a food is super heating fats (frying oil).

    You are basically giving your body a double whammy because you are depriving your body of nutrition that it needs to repair itself from daily damage, then you are providing it with the most damaging substance you could possibly eat. Think of it as taking your car that needs some motor/brake/etc work, draining the oil out of it, then driving from NY to California at 120mph the whole way… welcome to fried foods.

    Ok I won’t lie, I love to eat fried foods but people should at least know the cosequences.

    PS: The "Remember Me" checkbox isn’t keeping my info, and yes I have cookies.

  3. Jane Smolensky says:

    I eat very fast and my husband noticed it when we first started going out. The reason is because my brothers would eat off your plate if you didn’t finish before them.

  4. WebMonster says:


    In Hungary you aren’t forced to eat everything in cantin (because you can’t eat anything). Take a look at our today lunch. Yuck.

  5. Brian says:

    I’ve had a similar, but different experience with food in my early years to my later years. I have Cystic Fibrosis. All my life I had to fight to try and maintain weight. I would have litterally 3,000 calories for breakfast just to maintain weight.

    5 years ago I received a lung transplant and now am on steriods to prevent rejection. consequently I am now trying to lose some weight as I have gained a ton. I was 116 pre-transplant and am 190 now, and should be about 150-160.

  6. scottdensmore says:

    Wow and I thougth I was the only person @ MS from the south. I am from Alabama and I remember this exactly. I am still the first one to finish eating, and the first one outside!

  7. Paul Cook says:

    TIME Magazine Oct. 24,2005

    Cover Story

    Web Exclusive | Cover

    5 New Things That Will Blow Your Mind


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    Fat Fighter

    In the twilight of the Atkins age, people are realizing that while carbs may still be an enemy, fat is no friend. Does that mean you have to ditch the deep fryer? Maybe not. Proteus Industries of Gloucester, Mass., has developed a technique to extract proteins from animal muscle, creating a coating for chicken nuggets, fish sticks and other foods that prevents excess oil from penetrating beyond the breading or batter. The food looks similar on the outside, but it’s not greasy on the inside. That translates into real fat busting: the overall content in fish sticks, for instance, goes from 14 g to as little as 4 g—a 70% drop. Proteus’ process is making its debut in fish sticks from the company’s local collaborator, Good Harbor Fillet. Someday, it may be used by home cooks as well.

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