Am I the only one around here who loved Star Wars III?

Everyone I’ve talked to and every blog I’ve read (that I can find) has been either negative or mostly-negative.  Is it because I’m a girl?

I have no problem with episode one.  Jar Jar whatever was supposed to be annoying, get over it people.

I have no problem with episode two.  It was worth it just to watch Yoda’s fight scene.

And I loved episode three.  The last hour was incredible.  I wanted to rent Star Wars that night just for the closure.

When I was a little kid, I was devastated when no one could tell me why Darth Vader went to the dark side.  I was 5 when ep 6 came out in theaters.  I thought people were just teasing me, until I learned the horrible truth (to a little kid) – we would never know.  Perhaps I went into these movies just grateful for the backstory, and I came out of ep 3 relieved (at the same time shocked-and-awed by those two scenes) just having all the loose-ends tied.

I know Dark Tower fans will agree with me on that one.

Oh well, even if I’m the only one around here who loved Star Wars, it’s okay.  Silent Bob’s got my back – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the movie yet –

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  1. Kingsley.Tagbo says:

    Star Wars 3 was great. It was a bit dlong winded and dreadful for the first 15 minutes. But then the pace changed dramatically and the real fun began.

    I was one of those fans that watched it on release date for bragging rights 🙂

    Star Wars 3 was great.

  2. TristanK says:

    Nah, I thought it was pretty much the best of the lot.

    There was often too much going on during the effects sequences, though. Might have to go see it again now…

  3. Stefan D. Poulsen says:

    I think it was great … it has been a long time since i didn’t realise how long a movie is, but this one did that amazing thing.

    Actually I’m gonna see it again this weekend, with some friends in Copenhagen

  4. Yeah, I loved it too. It made the story full and I wasn’t disappointed. Majority of negative comments focus on that ‘there was to much of everything’ but I disagree – I liked the pace of the movie and the use of special effects. Much better than Epizode One and Two and I definitely will watch this movie again.

    But maybe it is because I am Dark Tower fan too? 😉

  5. David says:

    Hey, I really liked it too! I actually felt like watching 4-6 again right afterwards. Haven’t done so yet, but I’m actually going to be going to see Episode III again, so I’ll probably bust ’em out after the second viewing :).

  6. Jeff Parker says:

    Well in all honesty I think the whole experience was great thanks to Microsoft.

    Microsoft rented out a theater in Detroit, as I guess they did in several other areas, Invitation only, on opening day. Hardest thing really for me is getting together with peers. User group meetings and so on yes I see a lot of them but this was really the first time me and a lot of my peers just got together for fun, we talked in the aisles before the movie, we ate good, food provided by Microsoft, and we all sat and watched a great movie together. So yes I enjoyed the movie, but the experience of seeing it was even better. So thanks again to Microsoft.

  7. Jim Holmes says:

    I loved all the movies too. I think I-III all had poor acting and somewhat weak scripts — Lucas didn’t get anywhere near the performances out of Portman, Hayden and McGregor that he got from Fisher, Ford and Hamill in the older films.

    That said, I don’t care. Both the new and old trilogies are terrifically entertaining and loads of fun.

    I have vivid memories of seeing the first preview for New Hope in a theater back in ’75 or ’76. I was stunned and couldn’t wait for the movie to come out. New Hope kept me fixed to the screen when I was a teen. Revenge of the Sith kept me fixed to the screen as a snarky, picky adult — and I had the bonus of watching my little daughter next to me be just as entranced as I was 30 years ago.

  8. saraford says:

    Glad to know i’m not alone. Yeah, i wasn’t thrilled with some of the casting / acting, but in those dark moments where everything came down to it, they were able to get their "act" together – no pun intended =)

    Does anyone know if Star Wars is playing at IMAX around Seattle? I would assume yes, but doesn’t show it. Why would they show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but not Star Wars?

  9. Jaakko Haapasalo says:

    Episode III was a bit too busy for my taste (a LOT going on, understandably). I still loved it, though. The best scenes were at the end when the original look of episodes IV-VI came through in the sets and costumes. I wish Lucas would have done more of that throughout the prequels.

    Interestingly enough, seeing episode III made the two previous ones look better in hindsight. I think it has to do with seeing the tragedy in full, and looking back at the relative innocence of the previous episodes. I have a feeling episode II is going to be my favourite after the original three (it had the best atmosphere).

  10. Stefan D. Poulsen says:

    Sorry Sara 🙁

    No IMAX on SWIII

  11. D. Philippe says:

    > It was worth it just to watch Yoda’s fight scene.

    Sign #67 of the 100 Signs You Are a Star Wars Nut

    Yoda: One fight scene a good movie makes not. (Criticize him not my English I told.)

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