Threw away my undergrad stuff today

I love spring cleaning.  Going through all the stuff I haven’t used in years and tossing it in the recycling bin (or the goodwill pile).

I had kept all of my CS and Math books and notes (I was a double-major) in 6 boxes since graduation.  The pile of notes, and I’m talking just about the paper (loose-leaf), came to be about 18 inches high and weighed about 30 pounds.  Crazy.

Comments (4)

  1. I’m looking forward to doing that to a large portion of my notes… and I haven’t even finished finals yet!

  2. Tod says:

    LOL! I did the same thing last year when we cleaned out our old shed. I graduated from college 10 years ago. 🙂

  3. Sheeshers says:

    Wow!! You threw it all away? It was very tedious and time-consuming for me to throw away my CEG hand-written notes. For some reason, I went through all those notes before throwing them away. I did keep some where I had drawn some network diagrams and some algorithm thingies but haven’t had a chance to use them.

  4. saraford says:

    I have a CD of interesting projects, like my written-from-scratch Space Invaders computer graphics final project. And i’ve kept a couple of papers like, "How NOT to draw circles in 2-D" from senior year and "only educated cultures spell football s-o-c-c-e-r" from freshmen year (although it only got an A- b/c the TA didn’t think the subject was important enough, grr)

    But i have no problem throwing away things like Modern Abstract Algebra, Advanced Calculus (real analysis), K-maps and other horrors from digital devices…

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