Did you know… How to quickly increase and decrease text size in the Editor

Too often I see people struggling to get the font size just right in the Editor for presentations.  They go to Tools Options Fonts and Colors, change the size, close the dialog, but the size isn’t big enough (or it’s too big), so they have to go back and make more tweaks.

The other day I posted about the Accessibility Macros.  Here’s how you can bind the increase and decrease font size to keyboard shortcuts (and also how you can put it on the toolbar as Up and Down buttons).  Remember, you can always go to Tools Options Fonts and Colors and manually set the size.  These macros just do that for you.

How to bind the Increasing / Decreasing Font Size Macros to a keyboard shortcut:

  1. Open Tools – Options – Keyboard and type in Macros. In the “Show Commands Containing”
  2. Select Macros.MyMacros.Module1.DecreaseTextEditorSize
  3. Change “Use new shortcut in:” scope to Text Editor
  4. In “Press Shortcut keys”, press your desired command, like “Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow”
  5. Press Assign
  6. Repeat steps 2 -5 for Macros.MyMacros.Module1.IncreaseTextEditorSize and bind it to “Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow”

How to add increase / decrease font size to the toolbar

  1. Open a file to show the Text Editor toolbar
  2. Open Tools – Customize.  Select the Commands Tab.  Select Macros under Categories.
  3. Select Macros.MyMacros.Module1.DecreaseTextEditorSize and drag it onto the Text Editor toolbar
  4. Now right click on the button you’ve just added to the Text Editor toolbar and choose “Change Button Image” and select a down arrow
  5. Right click again (you may need to click the button to get it to have focus) and select “Default Style”
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for Macros.MyMacros.Module1.IncreaseTextEditorSize and use an up arrow icon for the image.

Happy Editing!

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  1. Morgan says:

    Thanks, that’s an excellent tip.

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