Did you know… How to customize fonts and colors for printing?

Suppose you need to increase the font size of the code when you go to print.  Or you need to customize colors before printing them.  Go to Tools – Options – Fonts and Colors page.  Choose “Printing” in the Show settings for combo box.  You can either make customizations for the Printer (without affecting the text editor) or you can press the Use… button and choose “Text Editor Settings” if you want to use those customizations.

Happy Editing!

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  1. TAG says:

    Did you know … Most of people will use Black and White printers to print their code.

    Why this is impossible to configure Italics in fonts and color settings ?

    And why font size settings are same for all items – no way to make comments small font, but code big and readable one.

    Take a read this suggestions here : http://lab.msdn.com/ProductFeedback/viewfeedback.aspx?feedbackid=FDBK23834

    P.S> An question – how much code you have printed recently from Visual Studio 2005 ?

  2. James McKee says:

    Thanks for the tip. It really helped to reduce paper waste.

  3. If you are trying to change the printing font for visual studio, something that I found extreamly hard to find check here Sara Ford’s WebLog

  4. Arthur Kahwa says:

    Thanks, a very good tip.

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