Did you know… How to scroll through results using F8

Just completed a Find in Files or a Find Symbol and want to navigate quickly between the results? In the default keyboard scheme, F8 allows you to navigate through the results in the Find Results Windows, Find Symbol Results, Output Window, Task List and the Error List in Visual Studio 2005. If there are several of these toolwindows open, VS will navigate between the results of the last active tool window. To step backward through the list, use Shift+F8.

If you are using a different keyboard scheme, go to Tools Options Environment Keyboard and look for the keybindings for Edit.GoToNextLocation and Edit.GoToPreviousLocation

Happy Editing!

Comments (3)

  1. Jim McFadden says:

    Sara, I love this series of cool stuff about the VS IDE. Thanks.

  2. Ed says:

    There’s a couple usuability issues with this feature, my examples being with the Output Window (VS2003, C++):

    – If you hit F8 to go to a compiler error, the keyboard focus goes to the Output Window. If the purpose of the command is to highlight the error, don’t you think keyboard focus should be on the code causing the error? That way you can fix the error and continue. No, it requires you to hit Escape first, then fix it. VC6 did this correctly.

    – Also, if you double click on a compiler error, it will show the text of the error in the status bar at the bottom of the VS window. If you hit F8, it *won’t* show the text in the status bar. Why the discrepency? Again, this wasn’t a problem in VC6. (can you tell I miss working in VC6?)

  3. Sean Laberee says:


    I’ve verified that both of these issues are fixed on VS 2005. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a copy of Beta 2 really soon.


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