Channel 9 videos of me talking about our Test Case Management System (Maddog) and analyzing failures in a run

By popular demand, I asked Josh about doing a live video segment of Maddog to bring to live the Maddog concepts ScottGu had posted about one Friday morning. That afternoon, Josh shot these videos of what was supposed to be me teaching Marie the basics of software testing in DevDiv, but I looked at the camera a little too much instead of at her (my rational was that I was responding to Sheeshers request to hear more about testing activities). And, I promise I talk much slower in person, when I’m not nervous – It’s a N’awlins thing. =)

The first three videos are

Introduction to DevDiv’s Test Case Management System (Part 1)

Investigating a test case failure in the lab (Maddog Part 2)

Analyzing a Test Case Failure (Maddog Part 3)

There’s a fourth video (in my opinion, it’s the best of the 4 videos) along the lines of The Proper Steps to Logging a Bug, including finding the exact repro (minimizing the repro steps), including a good title, and searching for duplicates. I’ll let you know when Josh posts it.

update:  The video has been updated at, but it just doesn’t have a blog entry at Channel 9 yet.

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  1. anon says:

    The rest of your videos are found here:

    They were posted there since Feb 1st.

    More videos that were posted on downloads but not on channel 9 proper can be found using this:

    BTW, the 4th video was the best. 🙂

  2. wacko says:

    You know these video’s are great, but I would like to see more of the automation code… Just an example would be nice to get someone started.

  3. Interesting – we are doing manual tests using IBM Rational tools (test manager / -suite) with actually -alot- of customization on the manual testing front, plus home-made test-automation tools (we used to use winrunner). Quite interesting to see what’s going on at msft 🙂

    Best regards / MfG,

    Joerg Battermann – blog:

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    PGP-Fingerprint: 0461 F2EC 53EB CEBE 6B73 8EEC 64AD 0606 7700 7DA6

  4. Sheeshers says:

    Great stuff. I haven’t seen the fourth video but will do so immediately after posting this. This is "exactly" the kind of stuff newbies like me are going to be looking out for.

    Thanks a ton!!

  5. DeepICE says:

    Why did you have to go down to the lab to reproduce the bug – couldn’t you terminal service in – or better yet just install the build on your machine and reproduce locally (as you did with the tooltip)

  6. sara ford says:

    I could have TS’ed in, but for training and the video, we took a field trip down to the lab. For certain failures, it is helpful to sit physically at the machine.

    It isn’t really useful to install the build locally, when the lab has the build ready to go for investigation.



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