What software testing topics do you want to hear more about?

Do you have any software testing topics you want to hear more about? Here are a few suggestions that I’ve already received from readers:

  • How do you go about automating?
  • How much is automated and how much is manual?
  • How does QA fit into the product lifecycle at MS?

Let me know what other topics you’re interested in and I’ll see what I can do…

Comments (18)

  1. Hi Sara,

    How about testing web application functionality? Search for a product, login, add to shopping cart, purchase etc are all one long session that ideally needs automation and testing.

    Best regards


  2. Keith McLeod says:

    Hi Sara,

    I would be interested in the tools you folks use for automation.



  3. petal says:

    performance monitoring (baselining, in-built metrics and hardware configuration & optimisation)

    scalability testing (simulating distributed networks)

    end-user and operational acceptance tests

  4. AT says:

    If you have any product specifications and how to verify if they will be something that users like ?

    Do you do any prototyping ?

    and so on …

    I’m willing to see more details how testing can be performed at early design/development stages (if possible).

  5. C#deSamurai says:

    Use of Model-Based testing in VS (if any !?!).

  6. Brian says:

    I’m just getting into automating tests. I would like to hear about maintaining tests and what criteria you use to decide to automate a test or not.

  7. Sara,

    How about handling bugs just a few weeks before ship date? Would like to hear some "real time" stories about some difficult decisions you had to make while shipping a product and what made you take those decisions. Say, convincing dev to get a bug fixed or dev convincing you its not worth fixing right now…. anything which is on similiar lines.

  8. Sebastien Nussbaumer says:

    I would be really interested in how you do automated GUI testing.

  9. Andrew says:

    What kind of test hooks do you put into the product itself? This could be generalized to a discussion of how you automate the tests that are hard to automate.


  10. Hi Sara,

    I’d love to hear more about the design process you use for test cases. Are they peer-reviewed or pair-programmed? What steps do you take to ensure adequate coverage? (Or, for that matter, how do you define "adequate?")

    Thanks! Great blog!

    — Alf

  11. Brent says:

    It’s all about the Perf.

  12. Automated GUI testing gets another vote from me.

    Automatic testing of libraries and database components is fine and dandy, but dealing with a user interface programmatically is something it seems everyone avoids talking about, except to note it is an "advanced topic" or "fragile".

  13. Ali says:

    what kind of testing we apply in early stages?

  14. Ran Gishri says:

    Hi Sara,

    One topic that I find particularly interesting (which makes sense, given that I work for a company that operated in this area) is how you go about analyzing bugs that are uncovered in testing. Do you use internal logging? Do you use any utils for capturing data? Do you use any "black box flight recorder" technologies to record internal data?



  15. ezadora says:

    hi sara,

    what’s the diff between software testing and hardware testing?

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