I Love VS Core Channel 9 Videos

Josh went around and video’ed a bunch of us at work in our offices. It has been an interesting experience sharing an office with the PM for the features I’m testing, to say the least. My job is to break all the stuff that Sean demo’ed, and then to write the automation to break it some more.

You might notice the sign language on the back of my t-shirt. This was a t-shirt a bunch of us designed and distributed to members of my virtual Visual Studio Accessibility team last year. The back says, “Visual Studio .NET codename Whidbey”. The front in Braille grade 1 says “Accessibility Police.” It was a thank you gift to my virtual team for all the hard work they did to make Whidbey accessible.

And by the way, if you send me an Xbox Live friend request, send me a quick email letting me know who you are, so I can separate the friend requests from those who are mad about “you were killed by OMG a girl” and later want to take revenge in a 1-1 (yes, this has happened) versus the friend requests from those who read my blog.

Part 1


Part 2 – Sean and I are right at the beginning demoing Code Snippets


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  1. Sheeshers says:

    First -> it makes a world of a difference to see someone from Microsoft "live" and hear them. Reason? I’ve been an avid reader of blogs on MSDN to the point that I come back and read posts that I’ve read already. Secondly, it definitely tells me that MS Devs and Testers are not superGods or superMorons – they’re just like us devs in other companies 🙂

    The things I liked about the MS workplace was everyone had offices !! Damn !! When does that happen anymore???

    Also, good to hear stuff directly from people like us instead of some marketing jargon that I basically try to ignore.

    Way to go you guys!!

    Sara, how about being less camera shy ! 😉 I would’ve loved to hear more on your testing activities because we’re trying to inculcate and learn as well.

  2. sara ford says:

    We’ve been really tight on office space recently, but hopefully soon enough, each of us will get our own offices. It’s a rite of passage to get your own office, and it’s another rite of passage to get a window office. I’ve had my own office before, but moved in with Sean when i joined the editor team. I seriously doubt i’ll get a window office in the next office move, but one can dream. It’s all based on seniority.

    Do you have any specific suggestions on testing activities that you would like to see? Perhaps how we analyze failures from our Nightly test cases, since i’ve been spending a lot of time talking about Nightlies?

    Josh and Scoble (the camera guy) really took everyone by surprised. We had no prior knowledge. I figured Sean was doing well enough, so i would just be quiet in the background (unless Josh wanted to talk to me specifically). I thought about saying "Yeah, and then i get to break it all" at the end, but held back for some reason.

    By the way, Scoble has interviewed me on Channel 9 about Testing and about Accessibility. The link to all the videos is at




  3. Stefan Daugaard Poulsen says:

    Nice to see you moving instead of the little picture here 🙂

    Oh my god it’s a girl 😉

  4. Ian Ceicys says:

    It was great watching the Channel Video. Thanks for letting Josh interview you and not saying "no". It was nice revisting again and getting to realize just how much of a close knit community Microsofties have. Keep up the good work.

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