And yet another post about Halo 2… but at least this time it comes from a girl ::shrugs::

Halo 2 kicks butt.

Yep, I was one of those waiting in line an hour before the company store opened to ensure I would be playing Halo 2 when I got home from work.  Alas, I was only able to play an hour last night. ::sobs::

Things I like about Halo 2 in comparison to Halo:

  1. Dual weapons
  2. New and improved Marines
  3. Turbo on the ghost
  4. The Battle Rifle
  5. Beating someone out of their warhog or ghost
  6. Closed-captioning

I haven’t had a chance to play yet on Xbox live, because I haven’t setup my subscription (never really wanted one until now). I’ll get it setup this weekend and post my gamertag somewhere around here.

All i know is that I got some serious Halo 2 playing to do this weekend.

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  1. KC Lemson says:

    You may want to use the voice obfuscation feature… there are a lot of pre-teens out there who get a wee bit excited at the sound of a female voice. 🙂

  2. sara ford says:

    lol. That reminds me of my first online gaming experience in college. It was with Quake – CTF. I accidently killed a teammate and got appropriately flamed for it. So i typed "Geez, you boys take these games too seriously."

    There was no movement for the next 5 minutes, as i kept getting messages like, "OMG, it’s a girl." Maybe that should be my xbox gamertag. Wouldn’t that look good…

    MasterChiefX got killed by "OMG, a girl"

  3. Jon Ballinger says:

    I am profoundly deaf and a friend (whose opinion I trust and has proven accurate over time) states that there is a significant amount of in game instruction that is not captioned.

    This has prevented me from getting the game, since I’ve been burned enough times from games that were only partially subtitled, or not at all even.

  4. Mike Dunn says:

    "OMG a girl!" is a great handle 😉

  5. sara ford says:

    I played my first game under that handle tonight. I came in second (fortunately, it was a map i had played in the beta), and i heard the third place guy yell, "damn it! damn it! damn it! The girl beat me." lol

  6. says:

    I think you can get more levels in halo by beating it on a leg level can any one conferm?and how

  7. Sean Bradford ( says:

    lol Like your handle Sara. I am still playin the orginal Halo- Eventually I might get an XBox- lol You happen to know, or can you speculate if Halo 2 shall come to Pc?

    Also, what type of disc is Halo 2? If it is DVD or whatnot- I might try to emulate it on a friends computer- lol

    Tryed To get the Visual Studio Express Beta last Night – but I need to upgrade to run it- So I will try later.

  8. Somehow I missed it, but OMG that’s a great gamertag! Stupid RSSBandit not letting me know you updated the post.

    You should join up with the MastersOfDotNet clan!

  9. Jack says:

    My 8-year-old has friends who own Halo and Halo2 already. I’ve never played the thing: what do you think of kids that age playing this game?



  10. sara ford says:

    I don’t have kids. Perhpas if i had an 8 year old, i could give you a better, more committal answer. But this is just my 2 cents on this issue:

    It totally depends on the kid and the parents. Video games are really no different than watching movies. It depends on the content of the movie whether or not you want your kids to see it and whether they are mature enough to understand what they are seeing. That’s why movies have ratings, like G, PG, etc. It’s the same with video games that have M for Mature ratings. Should your kid go see a R rated move? Should your kid play a M-rated video game? It depends on you, your kid, the content of the movie/game, and lots of other factors.

    My hometown newspaper ran an article about the latest video games to hit the shelves are so horrible for kids. Towards the end of the article, they stated that the average age for video game players has gone from 10 to 29. What frustrates me is that some people don’t seem to realize that "video" games are not just "kids" games anymore. Back in the days of Pong and Hunt the Wumpus, this was true. But today, it isn’t, so we have video game ratings, just like movies.

  11. Jack says:

    That’s a thoughtful answer and I appreciate your taking the time. I agree with your thoughts, and for me, I think it’s a shame that small kids are being brought up thinking it’s cool to shoot guns, at aliens or anything else.

    I think alot of parents don’t even look at those ratings…

    I wish photos of the real thing from Iraq weren’t pseudo-censored by the media, cause then maybe shooting wouldn’t be so glamorous.

    Don’t get me wrong – if you want to play it, I have nothing whatsoever against it or you; I just wish there were something being marketed out there with just as much adrenaline power that wasn’t about killing, virtual or not.

    That’s the Buddhist in me talking!

    Good work on VS, btw. I’m a VB to Java back to .Net person, and I"m very impressed.


  12. sara ford says:

    As a kid, first-person shooters bored me to tears. I loved RPGs, especially the Final Fantasy series. It always got my adrenaline pumping. Game vendors just need to come out with an RPG with a storyline like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower and they’ll make a fortune!

  13. Heather says:

    Hey thats great you play Halo 2! I just started playing and I’m part of the MoB which is the mafia of brothers and babes. We have different clans and I’m the captain of MoB LiquidGspot which is a girl clan. If you (or if you know any girls) that are interested in joining the clan you can send me a message on live to MoB xXHeatherXx or email me at We need more girls that will actually play clan matches. You don’t have to have a MoB gamertag to be part of the clan….but later down the road if you want to become part of the MoB that would be great as well.

  14. U R Ripped says:

    hi i play halo on my husbands account my name is  ( U R Ripped ) add me if you still play

  15. Megamatt001 says:

    Im looking for some girl gamers that wanna play halo2. my gamer tag is Megamatt001.

  16. Megamatt001 says:

    thats alright as long as it eventually gets posted.

  17. Trauma says:

    Yea i just had top say that i play halo 2 all the time and love it. My Tag is L Trauma L add me if you want to play.

  18. a*M*y says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m a gurly Halo 2 addict … my gamertag is BoboTheSane/Level 24-27 (varies daily).  Many a lil/big boy, have had thier "hats" handed to by me. >:) Rockets and swords are my favs.

    Nice blog! : )

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