Code Snippets 101

I’ve been testing the new Code Snippets feature heavily the past couple of days. Meghan (Editor Dev Lead) and Sean (Editor PM) have good information about Code Snippets on the VS Editor blog:

Code Snippets – a way to be more efficient in writing code

Code Snippet – Schema Description

Definitely let me know if you have any questions, comments, and especially bugs you want to report

Comments (2)

  1. Christopher Rhodes says:

    Why are the VB and C# implementations so different? I am using Beta1 and find the documentation/implementation of the C# implementation quite different than the VB implementation. C# talks about Expansion Templates and Surround With IntelliSense. VB doesn’t express these concepts anywhere I can find. C# has a <SnippetType> element. VB has an attribute on the <Code> element. What am I missing here?

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