My Thoughts on The Dark Tower (spoiler-free)

I started reading The Dark Tower series about 4 years ago when Wizard and Glass came out, so I haven’t known Roland and his ka-tet as long as some other Constant Readers have.  But I can safely say I love this series as much as they do.   For those of you who don’t know, book 1 – The Gunslinger came out over 20+ years ago.  It is a fantastic epic of Roland’s quest to reach the top of The Dark Tower.


If you’re looking for some palaver regarding The Dark Tower Book VII and have finished the book, I’ve written an article summarizing my feelings about the ending that you can check out.  Warning – this entry contains massive spoilers, so please only visit if you have read the book.  You’re doing yourself an injustice if you just want spoilers and haven’t read the entire book yet.  Ready?  If so, please visit this link:  My Thoughts on The Dark Tower Ending.


Say thankya.

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  1. Not again! 😉

    It is so difficult not to read such articles while waiting for my TD7 to arrive. I preordered it in June and I am waiting since then. Typicaly it takes three weeks to ship overseas to my country so I expect it next week… It will be an end of a very long wait. Since June I’ve read volumes 1-6 two times. So please tell me only one thing and no more: will I be dissapointed? (I liked what SK did in ‘Song of Susannah’)




  2. sara ford says:

    SK said at the end of WoTC (or on his website, i can’t remember) that there were two more books, one shorter and one much longer. SoS was the shorter book. I’d have to say The Dark Tower gives The Stand a good run for its money as being my favorite book of all time.

    No, you will not be disappointed.

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