I’ve moved to the Editor team!

Ever since I started at Microsoft on the Visual Studio team, I’ve always wanted to own the editor. You can’t have a development environment without an editor, so I’m really excited to own such a critical aspect of Visual Studio.

Some of my new feature areas ownerships within the Editor include:

  • Statement Completion
  • Intellisense, like quick tips and parameter info
  • Tracking Changes
  • Incremental Search
  • Fonts and Colors
  • Basic Editor Functions, like Cut, Copy, Past, Undo, Redo, etc.
  • Editor Emulations like Brief and Emacs
  • Code Snippets (not the actual content of the code snippets, but the mechanism in which you apply and edit the snippets)
  • And more!

As I learn more about the Editor, I’ll start blogging about new features, tips and tricks, and so forth. But in the meantime, what topics regarding the Editor would you like me to blog about or would like to see in the future once I’m caught up with my new feature ownerships?

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  1. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    Interest would be an insight on how things work behind the scenes. A known technique can lead to an order of magnitude improvement on productivity. And yes, refactoring comes to mind, for instance how refactoring tools cope with SCC plugins to make a refactoring process more seamless.

  2. David Voss says:


    I’m looking forward to your future posts. Tips & Tricks are always welcome.

  3. Keith Wedinger says:

    Feature request: An configurable aliasing/shortcut feature. In Visual SlickEdit, I can set up an alias file that maps "keys" to "values". When I enter a key into the editor and hit CTRL+SPACE to expand it, the key expands to the value. The values can have parameters in them. If the value has parameters, it displays a dialog that allows me to fill in the values for the parameters.

  4. John Morales says:

    Congratulations!!!, good luck on your new position.

    I’m not sure where to post this, but if you could comment on the feasability of this it would be great, so here is a short wishlist of features i would love to see:

    I’m not sure why this isnt the case, but as a last result, autocomplete/intellisense should match on any word in the document if no context sensitive token matches. One of my beloved features of vi is that the autocomplete is simple. matches any word, ie a method/variable that i’ve used before in a open buffer but have yet defined..

    hotkey support to a numbered tab. ala wndtabs style

    also vi/vim emulation would put all other ides to its knees.

  5. John Morales says:

    This one is really an annoyance. Why is the list box with the keybindings (tools->options->keyboard) so small? its going to a concert looking through a peephole. Why not allow the dialog box to resize?

    Also when using the source code editor why is the horizontal scrollbar shown when there isnt content making the file wider than the view?? To Reproduce, simply press ctrl-shift-a, then select class you’ll see that the scrollbar is there, with some scrollbable range but its all whitespace.. this bug is not in vs6, but is in vs.net 2002 onward including 2005. you can uncheck the horizontal scrollbar from the options menu, but then if you end up needing it, it wont come around. real ugly..


  6. redguardtoo says:

    >>An configurable aliasing/shortcut feature

    You can try FlashIME.

    It is more than you expected!

    And it can works on any editor.

  7. One feature I would like to see would be the option to undo selected changes.

    The new IDE shows change bars next to text to show which regions have been changed. It would be really neat if you could right click on a change bar and select undo or view changes. This would be useful if you made a few hundred separate changes and then wanted to undo one of them.

    It would also be very clever if the IDE could add an extra change bar to lines that differ from the version in source control.


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